December 9, 2022 • 3 minute read

Getting to know Trustera: the world’s first real-time PCI compliance solution

It’s rare in a generation that you live through one seismic change in your labor model.

We’re actually living through a second one.

The first was the gig economy. And the second one is a work-from-anywhere model. Most companies are now a work-from-anywhere, hybrid model. Employees work from home, in the office, or some combination.

With this new normal, we believe one of the most important areas that needs to be addressed is the area of compliance. Specifically, the security of customers and employees.

We know that every company does its best to hire great people. But even with background checks and comprehensive training, compliance has always been a potential source of fraud.

And this comes at a huge cost to your company. Five million dollars is the average cost per breach involving a remote worker (IBM Security, Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022). We’ve seen major brands impacted by this at a much larger scale.

How do we solve this problem?

We believe the best way to ensure credit card compliance is to ensure that your employee never hears the credit card number to begin with. 

The only technology on the market that can do this is Trustera.

Trustera is the world’s first real-time, audio-sensitive redaction platform. Using AI, Trustera anticipates and masks sensitive information that is often shared during conversations between agents and customers. The result? Agents in the new work-from-anywhere model remain PCI compliant and customer experience remains high.

How does it work?

It’s so simple.The customer says, “Here’s my credit card number…” The redaction technology identifies this, and then in real-time masks the number said aloud. The agent only hears beeps instead of the sensitive information. The sensitive information is then populated into a CRM, payment processing engine, or similar system. The customer never knows this is happening.

What does real-time actually mean?

We can redact the information at a speed of two hundred milliseconds. With that speed, Trustera’s redaction technology flows seamlessly within the conversation and is completely transparent to the customer. 

What do Trustera current clients have to say?

We are well beyond the state of piloting this solution. In fact, we currently redact more than 2 million transactions per year at a Fortune 25 company. 

How is the agent experience impacted by Trustera?

We see a tremendous benefit for agents. Agents will be able to do their job more efficiently, faster and with more productivity. In addition to security, agents no longer need to listen to and transcribe customer, card holder data or bank account information. This reduces the amount of time required to collect the data, because the agent doesn’t have to repeat the details to confirm that the payment information was correctly collected.

In turn, this has reduced the average handling time by fifteen seconds, meaning that your agents are better positioned to meet or exceed performance SLAs. 

To learn more about how Trustera can protect your contact center, see our overview.

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