July 29, 2022 • 3 minute read

4 reasons to invest in compliance and security technology with remote agents

Confronting data security risks in remote contact centers 

Over the last two years, we have embraced remote work. Companies now allow flexible work environment options for employees more than ever before. 

For contact centers, shifting agents to a work-from-home environment provides a secure plan for business continuity. Not to mention providing remote options for employees can reduce absenteeism and improve service levels. Providing remote flexibility also helps prevent agent turn and increasing employee retention. 

A win-win for everyone, right? 


But it opens a can of worms with data threats and security concerns.   

Contact centers agents have access to a wealth of private information such as names, phone numbers, social security numbers, credit card payments, and personal health information. In fact, 72% of agents who collect credit/debit card information or social security numbers over the phone require the customer to read the number aloud. With an estimated 4.7M agents in the US, we are looking at over 3.3M agents. 

We know the overwhelming majority of contact center employees would likely never sell customer data. But all it takes is one to set off a catastrophic scandal that costs your business millions of dollars. 44% of all data breaches include PII and on average, it costs $4.9M per breach involving remote working and personal information. 

Can you afford that?

That alone should be the only reason to invest in your contact center security. But here are 4 other reasons: 

Eliminate worrying about the clean desk policy when agents are working from home 

Clean desk and other policies aren’t foolproof, and they’re even more difficult to manage remotely. Instead, invest in a technology that removes the customer’s personal information out of the conversation. This assures security and compliance, while avoiding any impact on the quality of the agent-customer conversation.

Improve privacy and satisfaction for end customers

Customers are more likely to provide credit card information and other personal information over the phone when they feel confident a secure technology will redact their sensitive information during the conversation. 

Today’s current workarounds for covering personal information are clunky and inefficient by moving customers from voice to form fill via text. This increases both the customer and agent effort and doesn’t provide a good experience. 

Avoid media disasters 

A data breach makes national headlines. In this situation, not all press is good press and can easily be avoided. The most secure form of data protection is to remove the risk completely from human agent interference. 

Improve analytics 

AI technology can automate the collection of personal information so you can feed transcriptions to your analytics engine for Call Analytics, QA, Insight and other areas relevant to your business. 

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Interactions Redaction for Contact Centers is an AI solution to protect customers

Our real-time redaction is the only solution designed to protect employees and customers by preventing agents from hearing sensitive information such as credit card details, bank account information and social security numbers. 

Interactions Redaction uses state-of-the-art AI to anticipate and mask spoken sensitive information from conversations between live agents and customers. Redaction enables the descoping of your contact center agents, both those who are in the contact center and work from home, for the PCI compliance while avoiding any impact on the quality of the agent and customer conversation. 

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