Aug. 11, 2020

1:15 pm ET


Listen. Evaluate. Improve.

Now more than ever, it is important for brands to gather customer feedback, evaluate, and adapt your service models and approach to CX. If you are exploring ways to collect data, connect with your customers, and implement digital change, then we invite you to be part of this important conversation.

This one-day event is packed with timely, education-rich, quick-hit content. Throughout the day, you can conveniently attend 30-minute Keynotes and Thought Leadership Sessions, join 15-minute Solution Showcase Demos, interact with speakers and corporate brand leaders, and gather the information you need to make well-informed decisions. As an added bonus, the next morning we will gather for 45-minute Coffee Talk Sessions to brainstorm and problem solve together in small interest groups!

"Improving Agent Experience & Productivity with AI" - August 11th | 1:15 PM EDT

With exceptional customer experience being a key differentiator for companies, improving agent experience is essential to a brand’s success. Today, many companies are turning to Conversational AI applications, such as virtual assistants to automate tasks and offer the opportunity for customers to self-service. Doing so not only improves customer experience, but also removes many common pain points from the agent experience equation. The result is a happier, more motivated worker who upholds your brand integrity, along with reduced attrition rates and operating costs. Join us for this session where we will cover topics including: how Conversational AI applications can alleviate common agent pain points, ways virtual agents and live agents can work better together to increase productivity and ensure a consistent customer experience, best practices for getting your agents on board with AI automation and real-life examples of how Conversational AI applications are improving agents’ jobs.

McCall Peltier

McCall Peltier

McCall is a Product Marketer with experience working in technology and healthcare industries. At Interactions, she manages the development of messaging and supports sales and the product teams. She has a BS in Finance from Bryant University.

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