Oct. 17, 2019

The Brahmin, Boston, MA


ConversAItion LIVE: Maximizing the AI Impact - Thursday, 10/17 @ 4:30 PM

Today, artificial intelligence (AI) is a technological advancement that transcends industries. It finishes our texts, analyzes complex medical data, and if you ask, can report the weather or play your favorite song. Through dialogue and debate with AI executives and academics, a new podcast from conversational AI company Interactions is peeling back the layers of AI’s impact, and seeking to better understand how AI can be as beneficial as possible. This session will bring the podcast’s dialogue to life with a discussion led by the show’s host and CMO at Interactions, Jim Freeze. Alongside Professor Thomas Arnold from Tufts University Computer Science Department, Jim will explore how we should invest in AI, locally and nationally, to enhance its role in business and everyday life.

Jim Freeze Interactions CMO

Jim Freeze

Chief Marketing Officer
As Chief Marketing Officer, Jim focuses on brand strategy and awareness, thought leadership, product marketing, demand generation, creative services, and public and analyst relations. Jim brings more than 25 years of experience leading marketing teams at Fortune 1000 and other enterprise technology companies, a history which includes proven success in all aspects of marketing, sales and business development. Most recently, Jim served as the Chief Marketing Officer at Aspect Software, where he was responsible for all aspects of global marketing, including product management, product marketing, branding, advertising, customer experience, and demand generation programs.

Thomas Arnold

Professor, Tufts University Computer Science Department

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