Provides increased security while freeing consumers from using passwords and PINs

FRANKLIN, MA – November 16, 2016Interactions, LLC, a leader in speech and natural language technology and the fastest growing company in customer care, today announced the availability of Voice Biometrics for seamless caller authentication within its Intelligent Virtual Assistant. The combination provides an efficient, conversational customer experience that increases security and speeds customer care interactions. This innovative Voice Biometrics technology is based on years of applied research and development and is a core function of the company’s Curo® Speech and Language Platform.

Available today, Voice Biometrics for Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant verifies a customer’s identity using the unique characteristics of each human voice, providing a secure authentication layer for account access and making everyday transactions both easy and convenient. Interactions Voice Biometrics is integrated into its Intelligent Virtual Assistant and can be easily added to new or existing customer care applications, eliminating the high start-up costs traditionally associated with voice biometrics technology.

“As a hosted offering, Interactions Voice Biometrics removes the burden of expensive hardware purchases, storage management or maintenance and requires only seconds to enroll users and authenticate callers,” said Deepak Batheja, Executive Vice President and CIO, Interactions. “Interactions Voice Biometrics technology is driving a new level of performance and convenience for businesses and consumers.”

Unlike other voice biometrics solutions that require agent intervention or lengthy enrollments, Interactions Voice Biometrics provides full caller authentication with minimal enrollment effort. By eliminating the need for agent intervention, Interactions allows companies to save on substantial IT and Professional Services costs that are inherent with traditional systems. Also, with both active and passive authentication options, Interactions Voice Biometrics provides businesses with the flexibility to select how they want their customers to verify their identity.

As security incidents such as hacks and identity theft continue to plague industries across the globe, voice authentication is gaining traction as a powerful identification solution. This is particularly true for those industries that experience a high volume of repeat callers, as approximately 30-50 percent of all fraud incidents are initiated with a phone call. The Financial Services and Banking industries reported more than one million incidents of financial fraud in the first half of 2016 — or 1 incident every 15 seconds — a 53 percent increase over the same period last year. Industries with similar risk include telecommunications, government, healthcare, insurance and digital commerce.

Since Interactions Voice Biometrics is not prone to social engineering risks inherent with live agent authentication, it is less vulnerable than PINs or passwords spoken to an agent. This heightened security, combined with simple enrollment processes, allows companies to reduce the risk of fraud while improving the customer experience. When voice biometrics is used for authentication, companies can reduce the Average Handle Time for live agent authentication by 30+ seconds per call on average, resulting in significant cost savings.

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