Virtual Assistant

Interactions provides hosted Virtual Assistant services that radically improve self-service for customer care.

Our Virtual Assistant applications break the mold of traditional automated self-service systems, allowing customers to interact as if they are speaking with a live agent.

Through a remarkably adaptable and intuitive interface, we provide your customers with a natural and conversational way to easily accomplish their goals, while allowing your organization to finally realize the full economic benefits of self-service.

Our Virtual Assistant Applications —

  • Improve customer experience driving stronger loyalty
  • Increase automation and adoption of self-service driving reduced costs

Each customer interaction is an opportunity to enhance that customer’s perception of your company. Research confirms that the IVR / speech recognition systems that are  widely used today almost always detract from the customer experience. Research has proven that consumers find them cumbersome and difficult to use.


The Interactions solution solves that problem. In fact, customers actually like to interact with our Virtual Assistant applications because they are…

Entirely Natural and Conversational: Are able to understand and interact in complete sentences.

Virtual Assistant applications allow consumers to understand and interact in complete sentences. The caller is not limited to using short sentence fragments that do not allow them to fully voice their intents. By utilizing a conversational dialogue, consumer interactions are quicker and more effective, reducing the customer effort and improving caller satisfaction.

Flexible: Adapt to callers instead of forcing them to change their behavior.

Virtual Assistant applications adapt to callers to engage with them in the style that is most natural for them. For example, consumers who have a clear idea of what they would like to accomplish can let us know exactly what they are looking to do — our Virtual Assistant won’t miss any information given and will not force the caller into repeating things. Consumers who aren’t as clear in how they express their concern — our Virtual Assistant will ask the correct questions and get to the root of their request.

Highly Accurate and Virtually Error-free: Can capture virtually any data such as email addresses, log-ins, names, and serial numbers.

Virtual Assistant applications can easily handle out-of-grammar responses and the verbal pauses that normally occur in natural speech, such as um, ah, and ya know. Traditional speech applications are unforgiving of verbal pauses and force the caller to speak unnaturally and to repeat information.

Resilient:  Works in more situations for more callers because Virtual Assistants are better able to handle background noise and difficult caller accents.

Virtual Assistant applications work in more situations for more callers because they are better able to handle background noise and caller accents. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a loud coffee shop or driving on the highway, we have the ability to easily understand you.

With Interactions, customers do not have to expend any more effort and time than they would with a live agent or change their behavior and communication style.


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