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Voice Biometrics: Building the Business Case and Implementing a Successful Solution

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A Guide to Building the Business Case and Implementing a Successful Solution

Voice Biometrics is a convenient and secure method of authenticating a speaker’s identity using just a few words. This is possible because everyone has different physical and behavioral characteristics that influence the sound of their voice and in combination these are – just like a fingerprint – unique to every individual.

For customer service, we can use Voice Biometrics to authenticate the identity of a customer when they are calling us by comparing the current call with a previous one. Then, depending on how close the match is, we can make a decision to fulfill their request or transaction without the need for other forms of authentication.

The science is not new but the successful implementation at scale for customer services is far more recent. Voice Biometrics has significant advantages over legacy authentication methods such as knowledge-based questions, PINs and passwords.

Interactions has partnered with SymNex Consulting to bring you the latest information in Voice Biometrics technology, including how to successfully build the business case and apply the solution within your organization.

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