Case Study, a European-based flight search engine company, was looking for a new customer care solution that would make traveling a breeze for customers around the world. They are looking forward to implementing an Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant for their customer care needs.

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The Challenge

As one of the fastest growing companies in the world, needed a customer care solution that could keep up with its rapid developments. Kiwi’s current customer care solution is limited to inbound calls supported by online chat. With a rapidly increasing contact and booking rate, they needed something that would automate customer support and keep operating costs down.

Why Interactions?

When looking for a solution, Kiwi knew a traditional IVR system wouldn’t make the cut. After researching a number of different vendors, they learned that most were similar and didn’t offer much functionality beyond a typical IVR. Kiwi took a different approach in their search and came across Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants.

The team at Interactions took Kiwi through a demonstration of different scenarios of a typical customer cycle. Kiwi was impressed not only with the accuracy of the technology, but specifically how it sounded natural rather than forced or robotic. This realistic demonstration was able to give Kiwi the insight it needed to make a decision.

Looking Ahead

Aside from making their customer experience more efficient, Kiwi is also focused on reducing costs and reducing the overall call volume that is handled by live agents.

With the new system, Kiwi is most looking forward to increasing the volume of customer calls it can automate, whether it be a simple request like booking a flight, or a more difficult and complex one, like adding a pet to your reservation. Kiwi is confident that while an automated system, Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant will provide its customers with a carefree and personalized customer care experience. was set up in 2012 in order to provide great value flight itineraries and combinations, with sites serving global customers with 24/7 support. The company sees over 50 million flight searches daily and employs over 1400 people. The site makes air travel affordable and easy, allowing consumers to book individual flights to complete flight itineraries across multiple airlines, both low cost and full-service carriers in a straightforward and cost-effective way. issues boarding passes directly to customers, and offers an unrivaled guarantee which protects customers from flight delays, cancellations and scheduling changes.

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