Case Study

Interactions Conversational AI fuels’s accelerated growth, recognized as one of the fastest growing companies in the world, leverages its sophisticated business model of virtual interlining flights to help its international customer base travel budget friendly.

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The Problem

With its intricate booking system and multilingual, multinational customer base, needed a partner that would not only help sustain and support their complex model, but allow for transformational growth. Another consideration for a high-volume travel company like Kiwi. com is having the ability to support customers in travel emergencies, such as widespread flight cancellations due to unexpected factors, such as severe weather and airline strikes. Sample Page on Monitor CMO Quote

Why Interactions?

When looking for a solution, knew a traditional IVR system to manage customers calling their support center wouldn’t make the cut. After researching a number of different vendors, they learned that most were similar and didn’t offer much functionality beyond a typical IVR. took a different approach in their search and came across Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) powered by Conversational AI.

The Solution

Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant acts as a virtual booking agent for The IVA provides assistance with flight details, boarding passes, updating information, cancelling reservations, and adding pets or luggage by either submitting a request or completing the request fully. Also, the IVA can support users if there is severe weather or airline emergencies. Within a matter of hours, the IVA can be programed with emergency related messaging to deliver general information regarding the emergency to users, and direct them to updates and booking options. Thanks to the IVA, the team has handled a significant increase of 60% in call volume in such circumstances, without having to overload agents. This allows their operations to run smoothly while also ensuring that users can get support quickly. The partnership has helped support growth without adding more full-time employees. In fact, on average, has deflected 40% of the inbound calls on the English line per day within the first six months that the IVA was implemented. Also, Interactions IVA supports in transactions from more than 120 different countries, approximately 30% of which do not have English as the official language. Even with strong accents, the IVA is able to serve customers or direct them to live agents to further assist for more complicated issues.

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The Path Ahead

Interactions partnership with will continue to grow and evolve as’s business does. They plan to add more transactions types to further increase the containment rate, which has already been increased to 22% with the IVA. This will allow live agents to focus more of their time and energy on complicated guest issues.

Orange Quotes

““We are fast paced and always need fast turnaround. We needed a partner that we can trust to scale and grow with us. Interactions is that partner for us. Interactions helps us recognize (operational) savings but not at the expense of CX.””

– Eliska Dockalova, Director of Customer Experience at was set up in 2012 in order to provide great value flight itineraries and combinations, with sites serving global customers with 24/7 support. The company sees over 100 million flight searches daily and employs over 2900+ people. The site makes air travel affordable and easy, allowing consumers to book individual flights or complete flight itineraries across multiple carriers in a straightforward and cost-effective way. issues boarding passes directly to customers, and offers an unrivaled guarantee which protects customers from flight delays, cancellations and scheduling changes.

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