Omnichannel Customer Care: Anytime, Anywhere


Omnichannel: Anytime. Anywhere.

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Customer Care - When and Where You Need It

The term “omnichannel” has become a buzzword. What does it really mean and what makes a true omnichannel solution?

In today’s digital age, customers expect businesses to be available when and where they need help, and on the device of their choice. Chatting with a customer service rep but need to run to a meeting? No problem — you can pick up where you left off via text later on. A true omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant will allow you to switch from phone to web to SMS in a snap all while remaining context and persistence across channels. Because sometimes things change — we get that.

Watch this short on-demand webinar as Erik Lamb, Product Manager for Interactions discusses and demonstrates Interactions omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant.

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