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Transform Your Customer Care in 2019

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New Research on When Consumers Prefer to Talk or Type

Today’s consumers have more channels than ever to communicate with the brands they love. From the phone to Alexa, consumers expect brands to be ready for them any time, anywhere. If this is the case, then what prompts one consumer to pick up a phone, while others to go for social media to engage with a brand? Does the demographic dictate this behavior, or is there something more complicated at play?

Recently, Interactions joined forces with Harris Insights & Analytics to survey over 2,000 US adult consumers regarding their preferences and comfort levels with various channels — both voice and digital. Join us on November 29th as Jane Price, SVP of Brand and Product Marketing, and Mary McKenna, Senior Director of Product Management explore the surprising stats on consumer preferences and share actionable insights that will help you build your customer care strategy for 2019.

In this webinar we will discuss:

  • Reasons why talking or typing is preferred
  • Why consumers are frustrated with voice channels
  • When consumers prefer an automated system over a real human
  • How to use these insights to your transform customer care in 2019

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