Case Study

Constant Contact

Constant Contact, an email marketing company based out of Waltham, MA needed a way to streamline their customer service queue. They were also looking for a way to improve CSAT and NPS scores, increase cost savings and measure containment rates. With an Intelligent Virtual Assistant from Interactions, Constant Contact is now able to personalize and collect valuable insight from each customer.

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The Problem

With a high call volume for customer care, Constant Contact had no way of routing people based on their needs and no way of anticipating why they were calling. With different phone lines for different requests, and without the option to customize the experience based on their needs, all customers were being serviced equally. Constant Contact realized they needed a solution to get callers’ issues resolved on the first try.

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The Solution

Interactions worked diligently with Constant Contact throughout the implementation process and made multiple trips to their offices for demonstrations and walkthroughs. Now, Constant Contact is able to identify and route callers before reaching agents, allowing agents to focus on more difficult tasks while simultaneously saving customers’ time. They were also able to identify caller intent in the customers’ own words. Previously, most customers were just pressing the “other” option in their touch-tone system, which didn’t allow insight into what issue a customer was calling about.

Additionally, with a quarter of their customer service requests being about billing, Constant Contact was able to use their new IVA solution to offer customers a self-service FAQ function. This resulted in customers solving their issues on their own and without an agent.

The Results

With an IVA from Interactions, Constant Contact noticed a decrease in overall AHT(Average Handle Time) of 15-30 seconds — a significant reduction from their previous system. And, because they identify caller intent as well, they were able to route callers properly, saving time for both their customers and agents alike.

While this new customer service method is helping their customers get things done quickly and efficiently, their agents have also appreciated the solution. Constant Contact found that agent sentiment was very high after implementation, because agents now had time to utilize their skills on more difficult issues.

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Orange Quotes

“Interactions has provided the tools for our organization to build operational efficiencies by removing tedious tasks from our agents through automation. This has allowed our support staff to focus on more complex customer inquiries. Combining the Intelligent Virtual Assistant with our experienced contact center has been a key driver to creating a customized customer experience.”

– Sandy Kenny, Director of Customer Support and Workforce Management, Constant Contact

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