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Today, people are busier than ever, and eating out is just as common as eating in. With so many options for guests to choose from, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. So, how can you meet your guests’ needs while managing costs and optimizing revenue? With an omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant from Interactions, you don’t have to compromise. Improve your customer experience by letting guests order food whenever and wherever they want, while freeing up resources to focus on more crucial tasks.

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  • 70% of millennials prefer to eat out, especially at chain restaurants.
  • 65% of food sales are slated to be via online by 2021.

Interactions omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistants make order management seamless and efficient for your guests. Our clients are able to increase self-service engagement by 40% on average, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

With Interactions solutions, our customers can use natural language to engage in conversations. In most cases, they don't even realize they're speaking with an automated system.

- Anastasia Roberts, VP, Customer Engagement

How Can We Help Your Guests?

With an omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant from Interactions, guests will not only be able to easily order food anytime and anywhere, but will also have access to FAQs, nearest locations, and more. Our sophisticated AI platform allows guests to speak or type in their own words to get what they want, when they want it.


Order Management

Our omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant can:

  • Allow guests to order in their own words on the device and channel of their choice, including social, web, drive-thru, SMS, and more
  • Answer ordering questions
  • Give guests a space for special instructions
  • Manage menu complexity
  • Upsell
  • Provide restaurant Information including location finders and hours of operation
  • Answer frequently asked questions

Guest Engagement

Knowing the needs of your guests is important, which is why we’ve made it easy for you to be aware of customer feedback:

  • Manage complaints and compliments
  • Track social engagement
  • Incorporate loyalty programs
  • Handle promotions
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Effortless and Frustration Free

With Interactions, you can engage your guests in natural conversations, so they get more things done without the frustration of other automated systems.

  • Patented Adaptive Understanding™ technology delivers 95%+ accuracy
  • Resilient solutions easily handle accents, background noise and out-of-grammar phrases
  • Responsive technology conforms to callers’ intentions without forcing them down a prescribed path


Your guests want to communicate with you in their own words, through their channel of choice. Interactions helps you deliver a consistent, hassle-free level of service across the channels your guests use most.