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When it comes to travel, your customers want to be able to manage reservations, redeem rewards points, and make payments conveniently and on their own time. With increased emphasis on automated check-in processes and mobile engagement, the challenge is being able to provide a seamless experience from booking to payment that keeps your guests coming back — all while providing quality service that keeps costs down. With Interactions Virtual Assistant solutions, you can enable accurate, responsive conversations that allow customers to get more done in less time and turn customer care into your competitive advantage.

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  • 73% of hotel guests want all or part of their check-in process to be automated.1
  • Engagement doesn't stop at check-in: over 60% of guests want hotels to provide them with mobile access to concierge tips, maps, and information about the area they are visiting.2
  • 1L2, Inc.
  • 2Digital Agency MCD.

Interactions solutions make self-service solutions such as bookings and automated check-ins easy for your guests. Our clients are able to increase self-service engagement by 40% on average, leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Our customers have provided overwhelmingly positive feedback about our phone reservation system.

- Darin Sullivan, VP, Customer Experience


Travel is all about possibilities. So is Interactions, with a suite of agile and accurate self-service solutions to streamline operations. With our enhanced accuracy and conversational solutions, your guests and passengers can complete tasks quickly and easily on their own time.


Reservations & Bookings

Drive consumer engagement by making travel planning easy and engaging. Accelerate customer loyalty with our highly accurate and conversational solutions.

Make it easy for your guests and passengers to:

  • Locate preferred properties, check availability and book reservations
  • Easily check airline schedules and rental car rates without using an agent
  • Securely provide payment information
  • Quickly confirm, change and cancel reservations

Account & Profile

We securely collect account information with over 95% accuracy, so your passengers and guests don’t have to repeat themselves or transfer to a live agent just to update a few details.

Make it easier for your guests and passengers to:

  • Create and update accounts in real-time
  • Set preferences or enroll in new loyalty programs without a live agent
  • Securely and cost effectively complete login and password resets


Which hotel is closest to the client’s office? How far away is my connecting flight? Is there a rental car location close to my hotel? We provide your travelers with all the details they need to make smart decisions when traveling.

With Interactions solutions, you can:

  • Easily provide property location and amenities
  • Deliver flight status, gate and service information
  • Provide ground transportation logistics
  • Offer timely upgrades and promotions
  • Respond to travel interruptions with automated alternatives

Loyalty & Rewards

Your top travelers deserve the best in class self-service. With our patented technology, their experience is personalized so they don’t have to deal with the frustration of miscommunication.

Use our conversational solutions to:

  • Obtain loyalty program balance information and request travel awards
  • Cost effectively enroll new members without the added cost of agent assistance
  • Quickly replace cards and reset passwords
  • Respond to questions about redemption options and fulfillment requests


Your guests are loyal because you exceed their expectations. Our fully conversational virtual concierge application elevates your service levels by interacting naturally through speech and text conversations.

Our application allows you to:

  • Streamline guest registration and checkout processes
  • Handle requests for in-room amenities before your guests arrive
  • Seamlessly respond to inquiries
  • Provide personalized recommendations for local restaurants and attractions

Travel Alerts & Information

You can’t control the weather, but you can minimize your passengers’ frustrations. Interactions proactive outreach solutions can help your travelers stay informed and easily adjust their travel plans to get to their final destination.

Interactions makes it easy for you to:

  • Send timely, personalized alerts and updates
  • Enable customers to reschedule or cancel reservations in self-service
  • Notify travelers of changes or delays
  • Provide information on club locations, restaurants or retail outlets to help inconvenienced passengers know where they can spend their free time

Billing & Collections

Collecting timely payments can be a challenge – for both you and your customers.

Interactions billing and collections solutions make it easier for you to:

  • Enable customers to set up automatic payments and paperless billing
  • Provide balance information and due dates
  • Intake and process payment information
  • Remind customers about near due and delinquent payments
  • Arrange and process payment terms based on established business rules
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Effortless and Frustration Free

With Interactions, you can engage your guests and passengers in natural conversations, so they get more things done without the frustration of other automated systems.

  • Patented Adaptive Understanding™ technology delivers 95%+ accuracy
  • Resilient solutions easily handle accents, background noise and out-of-grammar phrases
  • Responsive technology conforms to callers’ intentions without forcing them down a prescribed path


Travelers want to communicate with you in their own words, through their channel of choice. Interactions helps you deliver a consistent, hassle-free level of service across the channels your travelers use most.