Intelligent 24/7 Web Chat with All of the Benefits.

And None of the Idle Time.

Interactions Chat

Your customers love to multitask. So how do you truly engage your website visitors? By truly gauging intent so you can deliver contextual, friendly experiences.

Because Interactions Chat Virtual Assistants allow for full responsive discussions, each chat feels like it’s with a live agent—without the associated costs. And when a live agent is needed, our multichannel platform facilitates a context-sensitive hand-off. While website visitor attention might be in short supply, a productive chat experience doesn’t have to be a tall order.

With Interactions Chat, everyone gets more done.


Give website visitors a chat experience that automatically responds to questions and needs


Reset passwords, manage accounts and more with automated coverage


Understand customer intent and target visitors based on their site activity


Seamlessly hand-off chats to live agents when needed, complete with context

Let’s chat: how it works

Interactions Chat applications are powered by our Adaptive UnderstandingTM technology. Our patented platform invisibly sits between your chat client and your live agents, allowing for unparalleled comprehension and fully-responsive web chats.

Site visitors are engaged and can chat naturally, accomplishing even complex tasks through chat.

Adaptive UnderstandingTM Technology
  • Improve
  • Promote
  • Decrease Costs

Our technology easily integrates with your chat platform and delivers an experience that seems like chatting with a live agent.

The results? Definitely worth chatting about. Your entire website gets 24/7 automated chat coverage, which helps you increase conversion and focus your live agents on more efficient tasks.

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The Channels You—and Your Customers—Want

Chat is just part of our multichannel platform for providing a better customer experience. Here’s how else Interactions is revolutionizing what’s possible with automation:


Customers can speak in full sentences and have satisfying, productive conversations. Go ahead, skip the clumsy phone tree: your customers do too.

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Proactive isn’t just for intelligent, automated web chats. You can start full conversations through voice and texting as well.

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The screens might be smaller, but you can still leverage automated messaging on mobile just as you can using chat.

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Make it easy for on-the-go customers to get things done. Send text messages, directions via map apps and more.

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