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On a Scale from Helpful to Creepy, How Freaked Out are Consumers by AI?

While artificial intelligence is changing our world in ways we never thought possible, it also has somewhat of a creepy reputation. Many companies struggle to find the line between what consumers find creepy and what they find helpful, which makes it hard to implement AI in a beneficial way. So, what do consumers find “creepy” about AI? We conducted a survey to find out where the line is, and when AI crosses it.

Data and AI are a powerful combination, but like any technology everyone needs to be thoughtful in how it’s applied so it’s helpful and never creepy. When executed properly, AI can be a powerhouse for businesses and consumers alike. Be sure to follow simple best practices to do all you can to help your customers, not scare them away.

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Lauren Famiglietti

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Lauren Famiglietti

Lauren is a content marketing professional with experience in digital and social marketing. As Content Marketing Manager at Interactions, she owns all content creation and social media strategy. Lauren holds a BA in Journalism from Northeastern University.