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Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant enables effortless conversations on any channel through voice, text, typing or swiping. So you can offer more choices, deliver consistency across channels — and even combine channels to provide customer care excellence.

Pick up where they left off.

To be truly omnichannel, you need more than channel choice. With Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant, you can maintain context and persistence across channels. So switching from phone to web to SMS is a snap, and conversations can pick up wherever they left off. Cause sometimes things change — we get that.

Get it right — the first time.

You only get one chance to get it right. That’s why we use a blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and human understanding to enable businesses and consumers to engage in productive conversations. So your customers can communicate naturally, get what they need and be on their way.

Make it personal.

Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants enable you to create a truly personal and efficient experience for your customers. With integrations to business applications and customer data, you can deliver a highly personalized user experience that’s aware of any recent interactions your customers have had.

With Interactions, you get:

Cost Savings

You shouldn’t have to choose between quality customer care and savings. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant can handle simple, repetitive tasks that would normally require the assistance of the live agent. Your customers will save time with efficient self-service, and your agents will be free to handle more complex issues, saving you money — it’s a win-win.

Decreased Risk

With our fully hosted solution, we’ve got you covered. From implementation to ongoing system maintenance, to security and compliance, our solution mitigates risks and costs. Additionally, with our 12–18 week deployment time, you can speed up time to market and begin to see your ROI results quicker.

Improved Customer Experience

Customer experience can make or break a company. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant makes customer care effortless — making for happy customers who keep coming back. Over 40% of our customers are recognized as leaders in customer experience by J.D. Power and Forbes.

Brand Consistency

You’ve worked hard to create a brand that customers know and love, and that should hold true to your customer care. Our personalized Intelligent Virtual Assistant assures your brand voice and style remains consistent across all channels.

Increased Automation

We get what you’re saying. Our Adaptive Understanding™ technology allows for unprecedented comprehension, so customers can speak in their own words to get what they want faster. This means efficiently and accurately handling complex issues that would typically be sent to a live agent.

We’re the front door to millions of great customer interactions.

Interactions clients are leaders in customer experience.

Meet Our Clients

“With our new Intelligent Virtual Assistant, we have the flexibility and insight to analytics that we were missing before. Interactions worked closely with us from the start to ensure a successful implementation.”

– Darcy Dale, Resource Manager, Westar Energy


Why Conversational AI is Key to Customer Service

To survive in today’s hyper-competitive, customer-first market, every business must become a customer experience-first business. Your customers demand speed, convenience and conversational experience on every channel they use. Conversational AI can help you get there.


Intelligent Virtual Assistant 101

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How does an IVA work?

How does Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant seamlessly combines artificial intelligence and human understanding? Watch this video to learn about our patented Adaptive Understanding technology and the benefit it brings automate to customer service transactions.

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