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The Current State of Customer Care

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How Consumer Preferences for Technology are Evolving

Customer care, although increasingly important, is constantly evolving. Businesses know they need to excel at customer care in order to remain competitive, but with the pace at which consumer preferences for channels continue to change, it’s difficult to develop a comprehensive and effective customer care strategy.

Considering this, Interactions designed a survey to take a look at some of the key questions many companies have about customer preferences today. To begin with, we wanted to take a look at how often the average consumer interacts with customer service. Across different industries, most companies are increasingly competing on the basis of customer service performance—and based on the results of this survey, that makes sense. Nearly 90% of respondents indicated that they are reaching out to a company’s customer service department up to three times per month. Which potentially means that consumers are wasting a lot of time waiting on hold, being frustrated, or both if the companies they interact with are not implementing easy and efficient ways for customers to resolve their issues.

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Tara Wildt

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