Conversational AI reshaping engagement


How Conversational AI is Reshaping Customer Engagement

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Technology is changing consumer behavior.

Conversational AI has been a major area for innovation as it serves as a bridge between machine and human interaction and it is changing the way people interact with technology. Consequently, the demand for Conversational AI is increasing as people are embracing these evolving technologies; from speech-enabled interfaces, through to intelligent virtual assistants and chatbots, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that customers are looking for a more human-like, natural experience.

In response, enterprises shouldn’t underestimate the impact of being able to use natural language as an interface. With it, consumers, employees, and users don’t need to learn specific commands or understand how to navigate an application’s complex interface – they can simply ask for what they need in a way that makes sense to them. Their encounters with technology, therefore, will grow simpler, more accessible, and more human.

In this webinar, participants will gain a better understanding of

  • The components of conversational platforms as well as the layers of AI underneath them
  • The consumer, market, and technology trends advancing deployments
  • The recommendations for investing and deploying Conversational AI in their organizations.

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