fundamentals of machine learning


Fundamentals of Machine Learning

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A Crash Course in Machine Learning

When you ask Siri what the weather forecast is, that’s machine learning. When you Google search something at work to help you do your job better or more efficiently, you can thank machine learning. Another everyday example is our spam folders—a machine learning algorithm is used to determine which emails are inbox-worthy, and which are spam and don’t deserve attention. Similarly, when Netflix suggests a show you should watch based on preference, it’s getting the suggestion from an algorithm. From TV suggestions to self-driving cars, machine learning is subtly in the background of almost all that we do.

While the technology is not new, with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and the digital age, it is becoming increasingly important to understand what it is, how it differs from AI, and the major role it will play in the future. This whitepaper will discuss all of the above, and explore different types of machine learning, how they work, and how a majority of industries are utilizing it.

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