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Understanding Customer Care: Utilities

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What Your Customers Need You to Know

Customer care and the customer experience are truly a critical piece of a company’s success. Utility companies are no exception. In many cases, utility companies benefit from having captive customers; that is, customers who have no choice but to use their services. This means, though, there’s an even larger opportunity to make a big impact with customer care in order to create loyal customers.

We discovered that 1 in 5 customers have switched utility providers because of poor service. That’s a concerning number, but even more relevant is that over 41% of those customers simply had no option to switch. The biggest complaint from customers is that it takes too long to resolve issues. The most popular channel for utility customer care remains the phone, but they are spending too much time on hold or navigating automated systems. By the time they reach an agent, they are frustrated and required to repeat themselves because an automated system didn’t capture their data correctly.

Our research shows one way to do this is by enabling customers to take charge of their own accounts without needing to navigate a legacy automation system or wait on hold for an agent. This alone can help reduce customer effort while freeing up agents to handle more complex issues—all leading to a much more satisfied customer. We break down these findings in this report.

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