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Are You Asking Too Much of Your Customers?

Corporate emphasis on customer experience is growing, so much so that customer experience is now being referred to as the ‘new marketing,’ which is why customer service interactions are now some of the most critical touch points a company has with its customers.

There are many ways to quantify and analyze customer experience, with Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) being one of the most common measurements. The challenge that most companies are facing is that a high CSAT score is increasingly difficult to come by. Customers are frustrated with long hold times, confusing phone menu options, and difficulty reaching a live agent when needed. And in order to meet the needs of the always-connected consumer, companies are adding customer service channels.

Unfortunately, research shows that this fragmentation of customer service channels is only leading to decreased CSAT scores. If the goal for a company is to truly differentiate based on customer experience, then the organization needs to find a way to challenge the customer service status quo.

One powerful way to do this is by reducing the amount of effort a customer uses during a typical customer service experience.

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