Interactions provides revolutionary hosted Virtual Assistant services. Learn how our technology works, our business model, and read about the successes we’ve experienced with our clients.

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Utilities (Spanish)

Natural Language Technology

Interactions U

Interactions has created revolutionary, patented technology enabling the most conversational natural language applications available.

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Business Model

Shared Success

Interactions Corporation business model ensures a fast ROI, shared interest for continuous improvement, and a maximum value for your dollar.

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Industry Solutions

Vertical Experience

Interactions has a broad range of experience implementing Virtual Assistant services in numerous industries.

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Business Benefits

Healthcare | Fortune 100

  • 38% savings per call
  • Increased capacity by 500K calls

Hospitality | Fortune 500

  • 24% increase in resolution rate
  • Resolves 2.2 issues per call

Finance | Fortune 500

  • Resolves 98% of password resets
  • 69% savings per call

Communication | Fortune 100

  • 91% increase in re-engagement