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Priyanka Tiwari
Priyanka Tiwari  |  Customer Experience

Redefining your CX strategy: The COVID-19 Effect

May 28, 2020 The expectations of customer experience have changed because of the pandemic. Learn how businesses can redefine their customer experience or customer service strategy to fit this new world.
Megan Haas  |  Technology

The Design Factor: Three reasons a Managed Service is better for Conversational AI

May 21, 2020 While building technology with an in-house team certainly has its advantages, AI implementations require an entirely different set of expertise and domain knowledge than traditional IT projects. Learn about how implementing Conversational AI with a Managed Service offers significant benefits over an in-house or DIY solution.
Megan Haas  |  Customer Care

Consumer Behavior is Changing, and it’s AI’s time to Shine

May 14, 2020 Consumer behavior shifting due to COVID-19 according to our recent survey. And combined with challenges that the contact center is currently facing, AI has a golden opportunity to help both businesses and consumers like never before.
Valerie Bonaldo
Valerie Bonaldo  |  Technology

AI Implementation: Choosing between a Quick Fix and a Sustainable Solution

May 7, 2020 Recent disruptions in the workplace due to COVID-19 have left contact centers scrambling to fill the gaps created by a limited or impacted workforce. Conversational AI is a solution to this problem, however it's important to look for applications that are not just a quick fix, but will deliver lasting results.
Erin Stewart
Erin Stewart  |  Business Benefits

Implementing AI with Strategic Innovation in mind

April 30, 2020 As businesses try to maintain business continuity with limited resources, many are looking at AI to solve all their problems. But will it? Learn Erin Stewart's 3-pronged approach to examine AI opportunities to ensure they're strategically innovative and can successfully fit into your larger business strategy.

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