Srinivas Bangalore

Director of Research and Technology

Acoustic Attributes, Automatic Speech Recognition, Dialog/Conversational AI, Human-Assisted AI, Machine Learning/Deep Neural Networks, Multi-modal Interactions, Natural Language Processing, Voice Biometrics

Dr. Srinivas Bangalore is currently the Director of AI Research technologies at Interactions LLC. and was a Lead Inventive Scientist at Interactions (2015-2017) and a Principal Research Scientist at AT&T Labs--Research (1997-2014). He has a PhD in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania and has made significant contributions to many areas of natural language processing including Spoken Language Translation, Multimodal Understanding, Language Generation and Question-Answering. He has co-edited three books on Supertagging, Natural Language Generation, and Language Translation, has authored over 100 research publications and holds over 120 patents in these areas. Dr. Bangalore has been an adjunct associate professor at Columbia University (2005), a visiting professor at Princeton University (2008-present) and Otto Monstead Professor at Copenhagen Business School (2013). He has been awarded the Morris and Dorothy Rubinoff award for outstanding dissertation, the AT&T Outstanding Mentor Award, in recognition of his support and dedication to AT&T Labs Mentoring Program and the AT&T Science & Technology Medal for technical leadership and innovative contributions in Spoken Language Technology and Services. He has served on the editorial board of Computational Linguistics Journal, Computer, Speech and Language Journal and on program committees for a number of ACL and IEEE Speech Conferences.

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