Mitigate risk and reduce costs, all while delivering a better client experience.

As collections agencies look to create new ways to lower costs per collection and reduce risk, Interactions enables your organization to easily serve customers in the most appropriate and respectful manner. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant provides a conversational, polite and human approach to garnering overdue payments. Unlike traditional automated solutions, our Intelligent Virtual Assistant combines artificial intelligence with human understanding to deliver the best possible interaction, allowing your customers to easily arrange payments. For your agents, this means more time to focus on strengthening skills and helping customers with more complex tasks. For your organization, this means being able to leverage automation to deliver consistent service while reducing your cost per collection.

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Collections made simple.
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Billing and Collections

Interactions billing and collections solutions make it easier for customers to set up automatic payments and paperless billing, provide balance information, process payment information, remind customers about near due payments, and more.

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Account Updates

Allow your customers to easily update account information, enroll in programs and services, collect alphanumeric information, and help with login and password resets.

Increase Customer Engagement

Inquiries and Transactions

With our self-service solutions, customers can handle balance inquiries, view transactions history, discuss repayment options, and get answers to frequently asked questions.

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Proactive Communications

Keep your customers updated with the information they need to know by providing outbound notifications. Interactions solutions can notify customers of repayment options, send links to web forms and surveys, and send overdraft and account alerts.


65% of customers believe the top characteristic of great customer service is quick resolution of their issue.


54% of consumers prefer to be notified about an upcoming payment by a virtual assistant, versus a live agent.


83% of consumers agree their goal is to get their issue resolved quickly, regardless if its handled by a virtual assistant or live agent.

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“Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant solutions are a game-changer for the collections industry.”

– Marty Sarim, CEO of Enhanced Resource Centers

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