Virtual Collection Agent powered by Conversational AI

Increase Payments and Debt Recovery without Compromising Customer Experience

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Empower your customers with self-service options.

Interactions Virtual Collection Agent (VCA) is poised to transform the industry forever with the capability to increase revenue recovery at a reduced operational cost, in a conversational, human-like, and judgement free manner.

Our Virtual Collection Agent combines Conversational AI with human understanding in real-time to behave like your best agent, at scale. VCA seamlessly integrates into current tech ecosystems, including telephony dialers, WFOs, CRMs and, payment systems, to deliver a personalized and consistent experience across channels. Deliver a superior customer experience and improve agent productivity while reducing operational costs with Interactions VCA.

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More Automation
Reduced OpEx
Agent Value

VCA can handle entire inbound or outbound collections interactions – from identifying and verifying the right party to playing the legal disclaimer and from offering payment arrangement options to processing payments. VCA takes over data driven transactions and allows collection agents to focus on tasks that need their human expertise.

Accounts Receivable Management organizations benefit from the increase in revenue recovered, while customers feel more comfortable due to the judgment-free payment through VCA. Automated debt collections means that customers don’t have to wait in a long queue to speak to a live agent to resolve an outstanding debt. Managing accounts receivable and automated billing management has never been easier with VCA due to the seamless and conversational approach for self-service.

VCA can handle entire inbound or outbound collections interactions, helping agencies add more automation, and reduce Opex without compromising on customer experience. Accounts receivable management companies benefit through an increase in self-service for customers looking to quickly and efficiently resolve debt through effective management of accounts receivables. For your organization, this means being able to leverage automation to deliver consistent self-service while reducing your cost per collection while taking into account accounts receivable management best practices.

For your agents, VCA means an increase in productivity and more time to focus on strengthening skills and helping customers with more complex tasks. VCA is able to decrease wrong party contacts, instantly improving agent productivity by increasing right party contact for agents. Accounts receivable management services improve through a reduction in agent churn, since agents are able to focus on revenue generating tasks.

Collections made simple.

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Billing and Collections

VCA makes it easier for customers to set up automatic payments and paperless billing, provide balance information, process payment information, remind customers about near due payments, and more.

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Account Updates

Allow your customers to easily update account information, enroll in programs and services, collect alphanumeric information, and help with login and password resets.

Increase Customer Engagement

Inquiries and Transactions

With our self-service solutions, customers can handle balance inquiries, view transactions history, discuss repayment options, and get answers to frequently asked questions.

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Proactive Communications

Keep your customers updated with the information they need to know by providing outbound notifications. Interactions solutions can notify customers of repayment options, send links to web forms and surveys, and send overdraft and account alerts.

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Verify Right Party Contacts

VCA decreases wrong party contact and increases right party contact, making agents more productive and allowing them to refocus on revenue generating tasks. This ensures that agents are communicating with the right contact. And, because VCA is able to handle unlimited volume, agents can rely on VCA to guarantee seamless execution.

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Payment Arrangement

VCA is actually the desired method for many customers to interact with debt collection companies because they can do so without the embarrassment of explaining their financial history to a live agent. VCA handles these calls in a judgement-free and empathetic manner.

Why VCA?


ARM Industry faces 50%-100% YoY agent churn (compared to ~30% churn across industries) - ContactBabel Research


23% of US consumers prefer interacting with Virtual Agent (instead of human agents) when dealing with uncomfortable or embarrassing financial information - Interactions and Harris Poll Survey 2018


70% of US consumers agree that if the AI is effective, they don’t need to speak with a live agent - Interactions and Harris Poll Survey 2018

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