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A great customer experience should make your customers’ lives easier. But when you’re managing multiple services for each customer — whether it’s phone, internet, or cable — providing a seamless, personalized experience across channels can be a challenge. That’s why Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants enable you to provide efficient and effective self-service that’s available 24/7 and offers quick resolutions. So your customers can pick up where they left off, and your agents are freed up to handle more complex or sensitive customer issues.

AI in Telecom
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AI Telecom CX

How is artificial intelligence (AI) used in telecom?

AI can be used by telecom service providers to elevate customer experience at scale. From service and plan management to technical support, AI, specifically Conversational AI, can be used to deliver human-like conversations between the telecom company and their customers. Because AI can handle an unlimited volume of calls, customers will never have to wait to speak with an agent, but they will still receive top-notch customer service.

With the ability to seamlessly integrate into existing business systems, Conversational AI can also provide a personalized experience for customers so they do not have to repeat information that is already known by the company. This personalization also supports the ability to deliver proactive alerts about payment, product usage, and promotional offers.

Is AI customer care in telecommunications an option?

Conversational AI can be used in telecommunications to provide consistent, quality customer service at scale. For example, with an Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) powered by Conversational AI, customers can interact with the IVA just as they would a human.

This allows for an unlimited volume of calls to be handled, without increasing the need for more full-time agents. This is particularly useful to help handle seasonal volume demands or unpredictable volume increases.

However, there is always going to be a time in customer care when an actual human is needed to assist the customer. In this case, AI can be used to provide a seamless transition to a live agent so that the customer does not have to repeat any information that they have already said to the IVA.

How does AI telecom customer service help businesses and customers?

AI can be used in telecom customer service to not only provide excellent customer care for customers, but also deliver extraordinary financial benefits to businesses.

The service for customers starts with providing effortless and productive conversations at scale. This means when a customer calls about a billing question or to update their phone plan, they will not have to wait on hold because the AI application can handle unlimited volume of calls. And once the customer is conversing with the AI application, they will not have to repeat any information or “robot speak” in order to be understood. This allows for telecom companies to deliver human-like customer service interactions at scale.

Using AI can also result in financial benefits for telecommunications businesses. First off, by providing a better customer experience, companies will create more loyal customers and more customer retention. Secondly, with its ability to handle an unlimited number of calls, an AI customer service application prevents the need to hire additional agents to handle extra call volume during peak seasons.

And lastly, with an advanced Conversational AI application such as an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA), agent value increases because the IVA is able to handle all of the mundane and routine tasks. Then, only the more complicated issues that require the assistance of a live representative are passed on to the agent. This increase in agent value and productivity in turn decreases agent churn.

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Service Enrollment

Make it effortless for customers to add a new device, or start new service. Our IVA can provide step-by-step instructions for activating a new device, collect information to initiate new services, and quickly set up or update account profiles.

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Service Appointments

Interactions self-service solutions make scheduling and updating appointments fast and easy — saving you the cost of sending a service truck when no one’s home. Allow your customers to easily set, confirm and reschedule appointments without the need for a live agent.

Support Icon

Technical Support

Stand out from the competition and grow loyalty with efficient and stress-free tech support that lets your customers easily reset passwords, retrieve wifi credentials, request repair service, troubleshoot device or service issues, open help tickets and escalate issues to the correct specialist.

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Give your customers convenient, personalized access to secure information - without having to remember cumbersome PINs and passwords. Interactions Voice Biometrics allows you to verify a customer’s identity using the unique characteristics of the human voice to provide fast, secure, and convenient authentication.

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Plan Management

When your customers want more data or more channels, make it easy for them to make changes. Our IVA can seamlessly enable customers to enroll in or change plans, verify and update account and payment information, and take advantage of timely promotions.

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Billing and Collections

Interactions billing and collections solutions make it easier for customers to set up automatic payments and paperless billing, provide balance information, process payment information, remind customers about near due payments, and more.


Nearly 40% of consumers are already frustrated before reaching out to your company.


More than half of consumers are only willing to spend up to five minutes resolving a simple issue.


More than half of consumers say their goal is to resolve an issue as quickly as possible.

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