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Easy, efficient self-service for an improved healthcare experience.

Navigating healthcare can be complex, and your members have increasingly high expectations. They want to be able to look up coverage and have questions answered without dealing with long hold times or multiple transfers. That’s why Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants enable you to provide your members with more — effective self-service options that enhance the customer experience while still lowering costs.

Healthcare AI
Medical AI

How does AI work in healthcare?

Conversational AI uses a combination of automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language processing (NLP), and dialog management, to understand, interpret, and respond to the inquiries from patients or members in a conversational manner.  This allows artificial intelligence in medicine to support a better patient experience in a more human-like way. Artificial Intelligence and healthcare goes hand in hand, both focused on delivering patients with a satisfying and supportive care environment. AI can be used in a healthcare setting to elevate and enhance the entire patient experience, from start to finish, at scale. Because Conversational AI solutions can manage unlimited call volumes, patients will receive the support and care they need without the frustration associated with long wait times or difficult to use phone trees. Patients and members will have an increased access to information, whether it’s through an insurer or a health system or doctor’s office. Increased accessibility is the key to top-notch customer service in healthcare.

Why should healthcare companies use AI?

Artificial Intelligence in healthcare, but more specifically, Conversational AI is used to enhance the patient or member experience by providing more efficient, convenient, and accessible interactions between health systems, medical professionals, insurers, and patients. AI in medicine can be used to drive an increase in patient satisfaction, working to help attract, retain, and acquire new patients for a health care provider or insurer. Medical AI is gaining traction and popularity because of pain points that it solves. By leveraging the power of virtual medical assistants and Conversational AI, healthcare companies will have the ability to streamline patient care with increased automation around schedule healthcare visits, seeking treatment or prescription information, and even understanding insurance coverage. Conversational AI has the ability to bring humanity back into the healthcare space, by enabling human-like interactions at scale for all patients and members.

Where is AI used in healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence in the medical field has broad use cases, the most applicable to Conversational AI include scheduling patient visits, symptom and treatment inquiry, shopping for medicine, prescription pricing, insurance coverage and enrollment, locating a hospitals, and asking for medical information. AI is even being used to support research and enhance medical discoveries. However, the benefits can be felt for humans directly as they engage through Conversational AI with inquiries regarding their health, insurance, and general information.

An example of AI in the medical field could look like a patient having the ability to quickly and easily scheduling a patient visit without the hassle of having to wait on hold to speak with office staff. An Intelligent Virtual Assistant has the ability to interpret intent, identify, and authenticate the patient, including the reading of alpha numeric insurance cards to confirm coverage, saving both patients and medical professional time and resources. 

Can AI be used in healthcare customer care?

Customer care in the healthcare setting is the perfect use case for AI, and more specifically Conversational AI.  Policyholders and members will have a better experience due to the elimination of wait times and long queues and the easy access to customer service. By leveraging the power of AI in medicine, previously time consuming and tedious tasks can be automated for the benefit of patients, doctors, and insurers. The implementation of Conversational AI in a healthcare setting saves not just time and resources, but would also dramatically increase the level of patient satisfaction associated with the care they received.

Let us improve your patient experience.

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Scheduling Appointments

Allow patients to schedule, reschedule or cancel appointments conveniently and quickly through self-service. Patients can also request physician information, driving directions, and other facility details.

Partners and Partnerships

Increase Patient Engagement

Your patients expect their healthcare providers to be supportive of their needs throughout their personal care journey. Delight them with self-service that works. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) lets you truly engage with your patients on the channels of their choice.

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Patient Satisfaction

Our IVA makes patient experience efficient and effortless, helping brands improve customer satisfaction and NPS. Our enterprise clients are consistently recognized as CX leaders by J.D. Power, Forbes, and others. Patients will feel understood and supported after interacting with Interactions IVA.

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Billing and Payments

Interactions billing and collections solutions make it easier for patients to set up payment arrangements, provide balance details, process payment information, and more. Interactions IVA approaches each payment transaction with empathy and care, ensuring that patients feel cared for regardless of the transaction.

Decrease Operational Expense

Decrease Operational Expenses

You shouldn’t have to choose between providing best-in-class patient care and cost savings. Our IVA handles data driven transactions, reducing average handle time and improving first call resolution. Our IVA is proven at scale to handle normal volumes as well as peak call volumes, eliminating any unforeseen wait times.

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Success Based Pricing

At Interactions, we partner with you and ensure that you only pay for successful transactions. Our IVAs are designed to fit into your unique patient care requirements, and we share this definition of success together.


More than half of consumers are only willing to spend up to five minutes resolving a simple issue.


Over 40% of patients and consumers believe they spend too much time and effort getting issues resolved.


More than half of consumers say their goal is to resolve an issue as quickly as possible.

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