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Better brand experiences start with better customer care.

Customers expect a seamless, personalized experience whether it’s online, in the store, or on their device. And with customer experience becoming an increasingly important competitive differentiator, especially in this age of Digital Transformation, retailers need a way to meet customer needs while still keeping costs down. That’s why Interactions provides Intelligent Virtual Assistants that can handle complex self-service tasks that previously required agents — with the flexibility to scale up as seasonal spikes occur, without adding costs.

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How can Conversational Artificial Intelligence support your retail customers?

Whether your customers are in-store, online, or on their mobile device, Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) powered by Conversational AI can help guide customers, answer questions, complete transactions, and so much more. Using innovative Adaptive Understanding technology, which leverages Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine learning, Interactions IVAs can understand on a human level to deliver effortless and productive conversations with retail customers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can also be used in retail to create personalized experiences for your customers. For example, if a guest recently ordered an item online, then calls customer service on the phone to initiate a return, the phone number can trigger the past purchase history of that guest using AI to create a speedy and efficient return transaction. This prevents your guest from having to search through their email to find order numbers and receipts.

What makes a good customer experience in retail?

We recently conducted a survey with more than 1,700 participants to discover what shoppers consider a good customer experience in retail, especially when it comes to AI and technology. We found that the number one characteristic of a good retail customer experience is convenience. To achieve this, companies must leverage technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and incorporate omnichannel options, so that your customers receive personalized conversations on the channel of their choice.

And more, customers expect businesses to be available at all times of the day, not just during business hours. With an IVA powered by Conversational AI, customers can reach your business at the time of day that is most convenient to them, and still have consistent positive experiences.

How can AI help retail businesses address seasonal and unpredicted volume?

It’s simple. IVAs can handle routine tasks like returns, order status, store location, and technical support so that your agents have more time to deal with complicated customer issues. And because IVAs are powered by Conversational AI, they will still be able to provide a positive and effective customer experience so that your customer leaves happy and with their issue solved.

And in the case that your customer does have to be passed off to a live agent, the IVA can handle data collection so that the live agent can focus on solving the issue and the customer does not have to repeat any information. This allows for scalability during your busiest times of year because IVAs can handle an unlimited number of customers.

How does AI for retail it work?

Conversational AI is an advanced technology that is able to understand and respond to your retail customers in a way that is effortless, productive, and efficient. In other words, your customers will not have to change the way that they talk in order to make our IVA understand them.

This is thanks to our Adaptive Understanding Technology.

This technology is powered by Conversational Artificial Intelligence, which leverages Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and machine learning to understand what your guest is saying on a human level. And when it can’t understand, we use human intelligence to fill in the gaps in real-time. This enables continuous improvement in our technology loop, and ensures that the customer is always understood by the IVA.

When it comes to retail customer care, we’ve got the perfect fit.

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Shopping and Promotions

Whether your customers are in store, online or on their mobile device, Interactions self-service solutions help guide them, answer questions and complete transactions and can play an integral part in your Digital Transformation strategy. Help your customers by answering product or service questions, providing details on promotions and special offers, and processing orders and payments.

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Store Locator

Help shoppers find your nearest location as quickly as possible with our Intelligent Virtual Assistants. We can provide directions and send links to interactive maps, provide store information such as hours, services, address and phone number, and check product availability at a particular location.

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Loyalty and Rewards

Maintain your brand loyalty by offering customers quick and easy access to their rewards program, including obtaining balance information, checking redemption opportunities, enrolling new members, and responding to questions.

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Technical Support

Stand out from the competition and grow loyalty with efficient and stress-free tech support that lets your customers easily reset passwords, troubleshoot website issues, open help tickets and escalate issues to the correct specialist.

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Where is My Order (WISMO)

Interactions Virtual Assistant solutions get even the most complicated order number right — the first and every time. Our solutions can provide status updates, make changes to orders, process returns and exchanges, and update shipping information.

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Billing and Collections

Interactions billing and collections solutions make it easier for customers to set up automatic payments and paperless billing, provide balance information, process payment information, remind customers about near due payments, and more.


65% of customers believe the top characteristic of great customer service is quick resolution of their issue.


More than half of consumers are only willing to spend up to five minutes resolving a simple issue.


59% of customers think they have to wait too long on hold during the holiday season.

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