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Provide a satisfying and empowering experience for your customers

Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) harnesses the unique combination of conversational AI and human in the loop technology to provide the most natural, conversational experience uniquely designed for utility providers. Our IVA enables you to meet key business objectives by automating critical use cases including payments, outage alerts and even start/stop/transfer service.

Using our IVA, utility customers have experienced:

- $511M collected annually via payments & arrangements
- $1 million in annual savings
- 10% increase in CSAT
- 100% success rate for outage messages & notifications

Operational Impact

Increase Customer Engagement

Superior Performance at Go Live and Throughout Application Lifecycle

Interactions unique combination of AI and Human in the Loop technology provides up to 97% intent understanding, resulting in immediate recognition of a customer’s intent starting day one. This results in increased success in handling complex use cases via self-service.

Scalable and Flexible to your Needs

You have the ability to scale the IVA to match the conversation volume of your contact center. What's more, you can toggle the conversation types the IVA handles, meaning it can handle routine inquiries while sensitive interactions are escalated to agents for quick response in time of emergency (e.g. during an outage, rate hike or moratorium).

Convenient Authentication with Voice Biometrics

Invested in Your Success

You only pay when the IVA successfully completes transactions per the agreed business rules, ensuring we’re literally invested in your success. In addition, our utility clients experience reduced public utility commission (PUC) complaints with our IVA due to increases in CSAT by 10-20%, improving compliance and PUC relations for future rate hike requests.

Increase Customer Experience

Vendor Agnostic

Interactions is a vendor agnostic platform with experience successfully integrating into both legacy and CCaaS environments (Cisco, Genesys, NICE, Five 9, Avaya, etc), as well as system of record back office tools such as Oracle, SFDC, Pega and SAP.

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Proven Track Record

Almost 20 years of Conversational AI experience building applications for some of the world’s largest brands and over 10 years supporting the utility industry with use cases including payment, outages, start/stop service, and others.

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A Valued Partner for IT and CC Operations Supporting Multiple Channels

Interactions resources in CAI design, development, integration, deployment, and continuous improvement will partner with and augment your IT and Operations teams to ensure successful outcomes regardless of the channel customers use, whether this be voice or digital.


35% of utility customers believe they wait on hold for too long.


37% of utility customers would change utility providers because of poor customer service.


Nearly 20% of utility customers are frustrated by the inability to get help ‘after-hours’.

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