Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant Solutions

Automated Customer Care With a Human Touch

Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants are transforming the way businesses and consumers communicate. Powered by our patented Adaptive UnderstandingTM  technology, our solutions enable consumers to communicate in their own words to accomplish tasks that would normally require agent assistance. The result is effortless customer interactions that dramatically improve customer satisfaction while providing significant operational savings.

Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants deliver:

  • Decreased operational expenses: Decrease agent spend and improve contact center efficiency
  • Improved customer experience: Increase CSAT and customer retention.
  • Unprecedented comprehension: Our technology handles complex situations that other systems would send to a live agent.
  • Increased ROI: Some clients see an average ROI of 145% in the first year.

Each month, Interactions helps millions of our clients’ customers get things done. Talk to us today about how can help you as well.

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