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What sets Interactions apart?

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Reduce AHT and deliver savings

The numbers don’t lie. Reducing agent average handle time creates significant savings for your business. Interactions IVAs save members of the Fortune 500 millions of dollars every year.

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Only pay when you’re successful

We’re deeply invested in helping you achieve your goals. So much so that we implemented a success based pricing model, meaning you're billed only when we successfully complete a task according to the success criteria agreed in advance.

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Decrease costs without sacrificing service

Our world class conversational AI engine incorporates our patented Human Assisted Understanding™ (HAU) technology. HAU seamlessly blends AI and humans together for the best of both worlds, resulting in a 97% accuracy rate for even the most complex of use cases.

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A trusted partnership

When you select us to be a reliable partner to support you and your customers, we take that very seriously. We have nearly 20 years of IVA excellence, 125 patents, and delivered unprecedented improvements in customer experience for multiple members of the Fortune 500.

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