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Interactions has served customer-obsessed brands, including Fortune 500, for 20 years. Recognized as an industry leader, Interactions IVA helps customers achieve human-like AI conversations in their call centers. Our IVA delivers powerful results like AHT and OpEx savings, self-service automation, and improved CX, all with a faster time-to-value and time-to-market than other solutions.
  • 4,000x

    That’s how many times customers say “Thank you.” to our IVA. Its rich intent understanding is what makes it so effective.

  • $300 million

    How's that for cost savings? AI-generated savings and cost avoidance are providing real-world impact on customer's bottom lines.

  • 20 years

    IVA excellence isn’t achieved overnight. It takes years of dedicated resources and expertise to develop a world-class solution.

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"I manage thousands of vendors and Interactions stands out. The collaboration we have is consultative. There have been many tangible benefits but, for us, it’s been the big save to the bottom line. That’s the magic of the relationship."

~Transformation Leader, Leading US Bank

“I am fortunate enough to work with Interactions. Ultimately what we want to solve for is cost and cost per contact, then you see what Interactions does, it's a no-brainer. It's an easy decision. But there's also the friction removal. How do we map the journey and optimize the consumer experience? We've done a really good job in partnering with Interactions with that”

~CX Leader, Fortune 500 Retail Brand

“We were looking for an opportunity to automate things from the customer’s perspective and gain insights and cost savings from the company’s perspective. We're finding happier customers, more efficient time, and we're getting really, really rich valid feedback from our agents.”

~Customer Care Strategy & Operations Leader, Domain Registrar and Website Hosting Company

“With our new Intelligent Virtual Assistant, we have the flexibility and insight to analytics that we were missing before. Interactions worked closely with us from the start to ensure a successful implementation.”

Resource Manager, Large Utility Company

“Providing superior customer service is our top priority. Working with Interactions enabled us to develop a best-in-class, flexible conversational automated care solution that has had a transformative effect on the way we interact with our customers.”

Sr. Director, Customer Strategy Integration, Public Power Utility

Real Client Results

Insurance Company


Agent minutes annually

Utility Company


Automated payments

Healthcare Company


OPEX for scheduling

FinServ Company


Average call length

Retail Brand


Self-service success rate

Interactions IVA vs. Competitors

Consumers say having to repeat themselves is one of the most frustrating things about calling customer service. That’s why choosing an IVA solution with high intent accuracy is critical. No other solution on the market can match Interactions’ 97% intent accuracy. Studies also show that Interactions IVA understands an average of twice as many utterances as other AI assistants.

Listen to a real-life call example to see how Interactions stacks up against a competitor.

Industry-leading Performance

Our design team are pioneers of the Conversational AI space, with decades of collective experience building applications for the world’s most customer-centric brands.

They have found that humans partnered with AI yield the best results. That’s why our human-in-the-loop technology works seamlessly alongside call center agents to deliver the best customer service possible.

Clients who use Interactions IVA see significant OpEx savings and increased revenue generated from improved self-service customer payments and smarter AI-enabled upsells.

We believe in our IVA so much that we built our pricing model around your success. When you win, we win!


intent accuracy

across billions of transactions



handled by our IVA

Day 1


for your business and customers



processed by our platform



average score boost for our customers



captured across client calls

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The Interactions Difference

With 130 plus patents and counting, our world-renowned team develops and applies the best in AI, machine learning, natural language understanding, and speech recognition technologies. Interactions was the first to patent and commercialize the use of human-in-the-loop technology for customer service via its Human Assisted Understanding (HAU) and Task Orchestration (TO) capabilities.

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