Interactions Virtual Collection Agent introduces self-service capabilities to drive revenue and streamline the collections experience

FRANKLIN, MA – May 13, 2021 – Interactions, one of the world’s largest standalone conversational artificial intelligence (AI) companies, today announced that Aargon Agency, a leading accounts receivable management (ARM) company that works with major hospital systems and medical offices, is deploying an Interactions Virtual Collection Agent (VCA) to drive revenue recovery while streamlining the customer and agent experience.

Aargon offers state-of-the-art technology along with proven debt recovery services such as first party, early-out pre-collection, and medical billing. To continue enhancing the collections experience for both customers and agents, Aargon needed an automated solution that could accelerate the digital transformation of its contact center. The VCA will allow Aargon customers to efficiently self-manage their accounts when preferred, and give live agents the opportunity to focus on accounts that require human engagement.

“Aargon was founded on cutting-edge technology 25 years ago, and our partnership with Interactions represents the evolution of that founding philosophy, as well as the continued growth of our digital collection process,” said Duane Christy, Founder and CEO of Aargon Agency. “We believe that Interactions understands the specific needs of the ARM industry and our clients; their VCA is best-in-class and will give customers and patients the ability to resolve their accounts on their terms.”

Interactions VCA blends conversational AI with real-time human understanding to behave like a company’s best agent, at scale. By seamlessly integrating into current technology ecosystems, the VCA consistently delivers a personalized experience across channels. Driven by its sophisticated proprietary technology, the VCA is uniquely positioned to increase revenue recovery at a reduced operational cost, while powering conversational, judgment-free transactions for consumers.

“In the past year, we’ve seen the demand for efficient, yet compassionate, collections transactions skyrocket,” said Mike Iacobucci, CEO of Interactions. “By deploying the VCA in both inbound and outbound voice applications, Aargon Agency is evolving its digital footprint and staying at the forefront of innovation in collections. We’re excited to help drive the next generation of Aargon’s exceptional customer experience.”

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