Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant honored with Global Annual Achievement Award

FRANKLIN, Mass.—November 6, 2019—Interactions, LLC, the world’s largest stand-alone artificial intelligence (AI) company, today announced that it won a Global Annual Achievement Award for Artificial Intelligence in the Best Use of AI in Customer Service category. 

The Global Annual Achievement Awards for AI, also called Awards.AI, honors professionals, start-ups and established companies like Microsoft, IBM and Cisco for the development of AI algorithms, products and services. Shortlisted nominees are selected by a panel of experts, and winners are chosen by public vote. 

As one of this year’s awarded companies, Interactions is recognized for its sophisticated omnichannel Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA). Powered by its proprietary tech stack, Interactions IVA revolutionizes the way customers interact with brands by facilitating seamless, natural conversations across channels and at scale.

“Today, customer experience is the prime use case for conversational AI,” said Jim Freeze, CMO at Interactions. “Our team is dedicated to equipping companies across industries with the best possible solution for delivering effortless, productive customer conversations. We’re honored to be recognized by Awards.AI for our ongoing commitment to transforming the customer experience with AI-powered Intelligent Virtual Assistants.”

This award is the most recent in a series of impressive industry accolades for Interactions, including the Best AI Application in Customer Service award at the London AIconics, and Speech Technology Magazine’s People’s Choice Award for top virtual assistant. For more details on the 2019 Global AI Awards and a full list of winners, see here