As the need for exceptional customer experience grows, Bengaluru joins Boston, London, as Interactions third international hub

BENGALURU, INDIA – October 24, 2019: Interactions, LLC, the world’s largest standalone artificial intelligence (AI) company, today announced its expansion to India with the launch of Interactions Virtual Assistant India, LLP. With its India entity headquartered in Bengaluru, Interactions has its sights set on India’s exceptional tech talent to support the rapid advancement of its Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) platform that facilitates productive customer experiences around the globe. 

“Interactions is dedicated to fostering successful conversations with customers no matter their native language or cultural background. This commitment is made possible by our diverse team and technical expertise, and expanding to new regions will only enrich our approach,” said Michael Iacobucci, CEO of Interactions, LLC. “Advancing our conversational AI remains central to everything we do. With India’s impressive tech talent pool, our new India entity will help us both strengthen our AI stack and broaden our international impact.”

It’s estimated that poor customer service can cost U.S. businesses $1.6 trillion a year. As exceptional customer experiences become a necessity in both the U.S. and abroad, the demand for Interactions AI-powered IVAs is accelerating. After 15 years of rapid growth, a presence in India—where the company can develop both its team and technology—has become a strategic priority. 

“With a presence in India, we have a valuable opportunity to attract a broader range of engineers, scientists and researchers to help embellish our IVA platform with a variety of new capabilities,” said Mahesh Nair, Senior Vice President of Engineering at Interactions, LLC. “Extending our team internationally will offer a diversity of thought and skill, helping us accelerate the pace of AI research and innovation.” 

“Having spent the majority of my career managing professional services and technical teams in Bengaluru, I know the value of having boots on the ground to attract talent in the region,” said Srinivasa Chakravadhanula, Director of Engineering at Interactions Virtual Assistant India, LLP. “Growing the Interactions India team is a concerted focus, and it presents an exciting opportunity to gain access to some of the most exceptional minds in the AI field.”  

For a full list of available job opportunities in Bengaluru, see here. For more information about how Interactions’ conversational AI powers productive, enjoyable customer experiences for global enterprises, visit