Franklin, Mass., May 19, 2022–Interactions, one of the world’s largest standalone artificial intelligence (AI) companies, today announced it has acquired its 113th patent, with 12 more pending. This development further advances the company’s industry-leading AI stack, which manages the customer experience for some of the world’s biggest brands, including MetLife and Citi. 

Since its founding in 2004, Interactions has steadily amassed an impressive portfolio of proprietary technology to power its Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs). Today, its solutions seamlessly assimilate natural language processing, machine learning, automated speech recognition and real-time human understanding to enable productive, satisfying conversations. Unlike other customer service technologies that still force customers to choose from limited menus or communicate robotically to be understood, Interactions IVA serves as our customers’ digital front door, enabling consumers to speak or text normally because the solution provides unprecedented levels of human understanding and automation.

With its latest patent, Dialog Management Using Knowledge Graph-Driven Information State in a Natural Language Processing System, Interactions offers a new and innovative way to create conversation flows for customer experience applications. Historically, the information source a conversational system draws from has dictated the flow of the conversation—which can be a barrier to natural, free-flowing conversations. This new patent provides a way to automatically create dialog systems, enabling people to speak in their own words and still advance the conversation. Interactions has already validated this technology with live customer ordering applications.

“Companies turn to Interactions because our unique capabilities allow us to design the natural, productive, and enjoyable experiences their customers crave,” said Anoop Tripathi, CTO of Interactions. “Our growing patent portfolio is the engine that makes these experiences possible. We continually innovate in ways that allow us to continue to set the bar for satisfying AI-powered conversations.” 

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