New Market Offerings Put an End to Obsolete Applications and Business Practices

FRANKLIN, MA – February 04, 2016 – Interactions LLC, a leader in speech and natural language technology, today unveiled a series of innovations that will change the way companies approach customer care. By putting an end to the speech industry’s dated technology and business practices, Interactions will help companies elevate customer experience initiatives.

“As the fastest growing company in customer care, we’re seeing tremendous adoption of our conversational Virtual Assistant solutions that fundamentally improve how businesses and consumers communicate,” said Mike Iacobucci, CEO of Interactions. “This is increasingly important for companies realizing the substantial costs of failing to emphasize customer experience – lost customers, decreased revenue, and negative social media postings. Companies are seeking a path forward, but find themselves tied to technology that doesn’t allow for real change.”
Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology is often the first encounter consumers have with a business through an IVR application. This technology, now largely a commodity, restricts future expansion and forces organizations to layer in specialized solutions for additional communication channels. Such siloed solution approaches to customer care limit the ability to deliver a consistent, unified customer experience and drive up implementation complexity and cost.

Interactions is a pioneer in conversational Virtual Assistant solutions and is the first and only company to offer Adaptive Understanding™ technology, which blends multiple recognition resources to boost understanding. As a result, its Virtual Assistant solutions deliver efficient interactions between businesses and consumers and greatly reduce the high cost associated with customer service agents.

Interactions is now expanding its offering to bring Adaptive Understanding enabled chat, text messaging and outbound Virtual Assistant solutions to market. These solutions are based on a single, multimodal platform architecture, which allows for a consistent, highly interactive experience on any communication channel and delivers significant economies of scale.

Because there is need for both breadth and depth in any customer care strategy, Interactions is also rolling out new market offerings for speech and language applications. Designed to move businesses past foundational IVR infrastructure in place today, Interactions new Curo™ Speech is a comprehensive solution for enterprises looking to streamline their technology infrastructure. Built upon years of applied research in machine learning, deep neural networks and advanced language models, its advanced capabilities provide a path to a unified care strategy.

Unique to the industry, Curo Speech provides these capabilities from a single platform of diverse speech and language solutions for seamless integration into applications and is priced to disrupt the market. By eliminating complicated price structures common in the market today that add cost without adding value, Curo Speech enters the market at a price that is significantly less than what many companies currently pay for maintenance.

Interactions Virtual Assistant and speech and language solutions are now available through an expanded delivery model designed to match the needs of businesses. This includes fully-hosted applications, on demand cloud offerings and on-premises solutions. To escalate distribution of Interactions offerings to the market, the company is also announcing a new partner network, which includes Value Added Service Providers (VASPs), Resellers and an Alliance partner network.

“Interactions continues to change the game for customer care, first with our Adaptive Understanding technology and now with multichannel Virtual Assistant solutions and Curo Speech,” Iacobucci added. “As more leading businesses gravitate towards reliable conversational solutions, Interactions will drive the innovation that propels their customer experience forward.”

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