Podcast host, Interactions CMO Jim Freeze, engages with esteemed executives and academics on today’s most-debated AI topics

FRANKLIN, Mass. – September 17, 2019 – Interactions, LLC, the world’s largest stand-alone artificial intelligence (AI) company, today announced the release of The ConversAItion, a podcast airing viewpoints on the most contested issues surrounding AI advancement, including automation and the labor economy and inclusivity in voice design. Hosted by Chief Marketing Officer at Interactions Jim Freeze, the company’s first-ever podcast aims to better understand how to maximize the potential of applied AI. 

A high-energy technology enthusiast, Jim brings 25 years of experience at Fortune 1000 and other enterprise technology companies to his role as podcast host. Through dialogue and debate with leading minds in AI policy, robotics and more, Jim will peel back the layers on the multitude of ways AI is changing our lives.

“Operating at the intersection of two exciting technology trends—conversational AI and digitizing the customer experience—Interactions is constantly exploring how AI can transform business and consumer activity,” said Chief Marketing Officer at Interactions and podcast host Jim Freeze. “With The ConversAItion, we’re thrilled to spark productive dialogue on the sweeping impact of artificial intelligence—especially knowing that its influence extends beyond our company’s value proposition.” 

In the first episode of The ConversAItion, guest Rob Atkinson points out that misunderstanding is at the root of apprehension around AI. He says: “Right now, AI is like magic—it’s this weird elixir. It’s not all that complicated, but most people have such little knowledge of it that it becomes a source of fear.” To discourage apprehension and encourage productive dialogue on technological change, The ConversAItion offers insight on a range of AI-related topics. Guests will include:

  • Rob Atkinson, President of Information Technology and Innovation Foundation and an internationally recognized voice on innovation.
  • Gabriel Skantze, Professor in Speech Communication and Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and co-founder and Chief Scientist at Furhat robotics, a company that creates AI-powered robots that look and communicate like humans.
  • Susse Jenson, Senior Experience Designer at Adobe and an advocate for designing for inclusivity in voice experiences.
  • Jim Kennelly, the owner of Lotas Productions, an audio recording studio in New York City which specializes in voiceover casting, directing and recording.  
  • Tom Davenport, a prolific writer and well-known business professor focused on analytics and AI innovation; currently the President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College, he’s also taught at Harvard University, the University of Chicago, Dartmouth College and Boston University.

Listen to the first episode of The ConversAItion here, and read more at https://www.interactions.com/podcast/