To promote diversity, equity and inclusion, Interactions commits to expanding education and volunteer opportunities and greater diversity in hiring 

FRANKLIN, MA – August 3, 2020 – Interactions, LLC, the world’s largest stand-alone artificial intelligence (AI) company, today announced its participation in MassTLC’s Tech Compact for Social Justice. The Tech Compact was created under the leadership of the Executive Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee of the MassTLC Board of Trustees as a way for the industry to come together and bring meaningful change on a scale greater than any one company could achieve on its own.

“Technology leaders need to do more to support diversity and inclusion. As the CEO at Interactions, I accept the responsibility to activate change in my company, our surrounding communities and beyond,” said Mike Iacobucci, CEO at Interactions. “I look forward to expanding on a commitment to diversity and inclusion as an engaged member of MassTLC’s Tech Compact.”

As a participant of the Tech Compact, Interactions is committing to:

  • Introducing and expanding educational opportunities for diversity, inclusion, racial inequality, unconscious bias, managing diverse teams and creating a judgement-free culture.
  • Greater racial diversity in hiring, leadership development and board composition.
  • Providing increased resources to support employee learning and participation in activities related to social justice, anti-discrimination and volunteerism.

Interactions joins the Tech Compact as part of an ongoing commitment to inclusivity. This year, the company raised awareness for D&I issues by holding unconscious bias training for all employees, hosting events and workshops that facilitate open and honest discussion about racial inequality and employee experiences, and identifying team members passionate about diversity and inclusion to become internal ambassadors. Interactions has also re-emphasized diversity in its recruitment efforts, committing to recruit more women and Black, Latinx and Indigenous people.

“While we’ve made progress this year to bring diversity and inclusion topics to the forefront, our work in this realm is only getting started,” said Mary Clermont, Chief People Officer at Interactions. “I am proud to work at a company that’s dedicated to actively promoting diversity. Our whole team is excited about our existing and upcoming initiatives and motivated to ensure that Interactions is a diverse, inclusive and socially just place for people of all backgrounds.”

For more information about diversity and inclusion at Interactions, see here.