Renowned experts from household name brands join host and Interactions CMO Jim Freeze to discuss the transformative impact of AI across industries

October 5, 2021—Franklin, Mass.,—Interactions, LLC, one of the world’s largest standalone artificial intelligence (AI) companies, today launched the fifth season of its podcast, The ConversAItion, featuring a noteworthy lineup of AI experts and thought leaders. Interactions CMO, tech enthusiast and podcast host Jim Freeze will speak with distinguished leaders from companies including Redfin, Duolingo and Tinder to explore the latest AI applications shaping the way we live, learn and work everyday. 

Since The ConversAItion debuted in September 2019, AI’s impact on our daily lives has grown and evolved significantly, often in unexpected ways. AI can now be found in every corner of our daily lives—from our Netflix feed, to the dating apps we join, to the grammar tools we use to enhance our writing—and has fueled five seasons of productive discussion. This season will examine some of the most timely and important issues in the AI space today, from inclusive and responsible AI to democratizing data, homing in on industries undergoing AI-powered transformation, including hiring, real estate and education.

The ConversAItion has captured the dramatic evolution of AI’s growing role in business and society over the past two years,” says Freeze. “Three of the podcast’s five seasons, including this one, have taken place entirely during the pandemic. Yet even from our homes and as we adjust to our new normal, the challenges and priorities of AI adopters are changing so rapidly that there are always new topics to cover. In this milestone season, we’re proud to welcome a roster of trailblazers identifying new ways AI can bring tangible value to our personal and professional lives.”

Featured guests in the upcoming season include: 

“In recent years, AI has opened up new opportunities in real estate and beyond—but this is just the beginning for this technology,” says Bridget Frey, CTO of Redfin and featured guest of season five of The ConversAItion. “As AI adoption continues to boom, I believe the tech community must strive for more inclusive innovations, so that the problems we try to solve serve all, not just a certain set of people. Especially amid the pandemic upheaval, it’s more important than ever to push the tech industry to do better and meet people wherever they are.”

Guests from the first four seasons included AI leaders at Zoox, Pinterest, Adobe and more. The ConversAItion can be found on all major podcast streaming platforms; subscribe for the latest episodes on Apple Podcasts or Spotify