Podcast host and Interactions CMO Jim Freeze speaks with a series of AI experts to examine its growing role in business & everyday life 

April 20, 2021–Franklin, Mass.,–Interactions, LLC, one of the world’s largest standalone artificial intelligence (AI) companies, today launched the fourth season of its podcast, The ConversAItion, and unveiled a lineup of renowned experts to explore the latest industry innovations. In the upcoming season, host, technology enthusiast and Interactions CMO Jim Freeze will sit down with executives from Zoox, Stitch Fix, Credit Karma and more companies to examine AI’s pervasive—and growing—role in business and our daily lives. 

To date, The ConversAItion has covered everything from AI and parking, to the smart home, to how AI can predict the winner of the Kentucky Derby. Season Three, recorded and aired during the height of the pandemic, focused specifically on applications of AI at home. With a return to normal on the horizon, the coming season will examine a range of relevant and noteworthy applications of AI, such as the technology’s role in fashion, travel and finance. 

“In the last year, AI has become increasingly prevalent in our daily lives,” says Freeze. “According to our recent research, most people want AI innovations to stick. On The ConversAItion, our mission has always been to better understand AI’s impact on society and ensure that its effects are as positive and productive as possible; this charge is only becoming more urgent as the technology becomes more pervasive. We’re excited to continue sharing these important conversations with our listeners in Season Four.”

Featured guests in the upcoming season include: 

“In recent years, AI has become a powerful force in our society—but collectively, we still lack guardrails and laws to ensure that we use it safely and fairly for everyone,” says Susan Etlinger, Altimeter analyst and featured guest of Season Four. “When training data and AI applications are not designed to be inclusive by nature, they become exclusive by default. It’s critical that we have these important conversations about what responsible AI looks like for businesses, and as a society at large, to develop best practices that work for everyone.”

The ConversAItion was first launched in September of 2019. Guests from the first three seasons included AI leaders at Pinterest, Slack, Salesforce, Adobe and more. The ConversAItion can be found on all major podcast streaming platforms; subscribe for the latest episodes on Apple Podcasts or Spotify