Business Model

Our business model ensures a fast ROI, shared interest for continuous improvement, and a maximum value for fees paid

Design and Build Application

The Interactions process begins with the building of a Virtual Assistant application tailored to our clients business needs. Our design methodology is truly caller centric because we gather caller input throughout the design process. Through our approach, we are able to obtain authentic fielded caller data and deploy much quicker than a traditional speech approach. We are able to accomplish this because our technology enables us to streamline the process of building grammars. With Interactions, grammars are built over time as a by-product of processing real caller utterances via our Human Assisted Understanding (HAU).

Operate and Tune

It’s after an Interactions application goes live when the Interactions process kicks into full gear. Interactions provides a comprehensive service that operates and continuously improves the application.


Interactions employs a continuous improvement process whereby calls are proactively reviewed on a periodic basis. This review process serves two primary purposes. First, it allows Interactions to create a performance baseline by which all future calls can be measured so that improvements can be identified quickly. Second, such reviews are the breeding ground for proactive analysis aimed at improving key performance metrics throughout the life of the application. In addition to the continuous improvement methodologies, Interactions uses a robust reporting portal that serves up a variety of useful data points specific to performance. Clients have full access to the reporting portal to perform their own analysis and gain insights into the application’s performance.

Shared Success

Interactions only charges for successful transactions that add business value to our clients. A successful transaction is defined as the completion of a discrete task, such as authenticating a caller or completing a reservation. In this unique model, there is a shared interest for continuous improvement. Whereas most traditional voice self-service systems charge on a per-minute basis regardless of success, Interactions only charges when delivering value to our clients.