Interactions Conversational Virtual Assistant Solutions
Automated customer care with a human touch

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It’s not complicated
(with the right help)

For your customers, checking an order or fixing a problem can sometimes be complicated. But it doesn’t have to be.

Interactions Virtual Assistant solutions turn frustrating experiences into productive conversations. Unlike other automated applications, Interactions solutions are built with our patented Adaptive UnderstandingTM technology that delivers unprecedented comprehension. So your customers can speak in their own words – and accomplish more in less time.

Each month, Interactions helps millions of our clients’ customers get things done. Why make things complicated when the right choice is simple?

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Interactions advantage

Happier customers or big savings? Now you don’t have to choose. Interactions Virtual Assistant solutions deliver:

Operational savings »

How about an extra $4 million? That’s what Interactions is saving this leading hospitality organization.

Fast ROI »

With a less than 1-year average break even, Interactions solutions pay you back fast. And then some: in just a year, our clients see an average ROI of 145%.

Unprecedented comprehension »

Our Adaptive Understanding™ technology handles complex situations that other automated systems would send to a live agent.

Satisfaction and loyalty »

Happy customers come back – and tell their friends. With 10-20% average increase in CSAT, Interactions makes millions of happy customers.

Increased Sales »

Free up your top agents to focus on revenue-generating activities. Making dollars just makes sense.

The right solution at the right time

Interactions conversational Virtual Assistant solutions provide a personalized experience throughout the customer lifecycle. Your valuable customers get to interact when and how they want, with the results you want.


Capture attention

Personalized prompts, industry leading intent gathering and intelligent routing quickly engage customers. You’ll get them where they need to be while significantly reducing costly mis-routes and non-engagers.


Grow Revenue

24×7 self-service allows customers to get quick answers to pre- and post-purchase questions, access promotional offers and process payments. You’ll close sales and free up agents to focus on tasks that increase revenue.


Decrease costs

Our interactive and flexible self-service solutions empower customers to get important things done effortlessly. Whether they’re setting appointments, making claims or updating vital account information, you can provide exceptional customer care that brings real savings and drives future sales.


Build loyalty

Fully conversational and accurate support solutions quickly resolve common issues, answer FAQs and even open help tickets. When needed, accurately escalate to the appropriate support specialist, all while increasing customer satisfaction.

Adaptive Understanding™ Technology

All Interactions solutions are built on our patented Adaptive UnderstandingTM technology that seamlessly combines artificial and human intelligence. The result?  An unprecedented level of understanding that enables human-like conversations. That means you can ask open-ended questions and your customers can respond in full sentences. It’s the kind of stuff real relationships are built on.

  • Highly Accurate

    understanding even complex alphanumeric phrases with greater than 95% accuracy.

  • More Resilient

    handling noisy environments and caller accents with ease.

  • Conversational

    freeing your customers to speak naturally…ums, ahs, and all.

  • Responsive

    adapting to what your customers want to do without forcing them down a menu tree.

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Communicate when and how your customers want

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Consumers aren’t just contacting you on the phone any more. Voice, chat, texting, outbound, mobile…they want it all. And with Interactions Virtual Assistant solutions, you can give it to them, providing a consistent, productive and cost-efficient experience across all channels.