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Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant

With Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant, it’s easier than ever for you and your customers to interact and get things done. By combining the latest Conversational AI technologies and human understanding, we’re changing what it means to provide excellent customer engagement. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant lets your customers speak or text naturally and in their own words, creating an effortless customer experience from start to finish.

Now, that’s modernized customer care.

What’s an IVA?
Interactions AI
Use an IVA?

What is an Intelligent Virtual Assistant?

An Intelligent Virtual Assistant, or IVA, provides modernized customer care that’s not just conversational, but also personal. With Interactions IVAs, powered by Conversational AI, customers can speak naturally just as they would with a human, reducing the frustration commonly associated with typical automated solutions. Even with background noise, accents, and poor connections, Interactions IVAs can still accurately hear what customers are saying.

Our IVAs utilize Adaptive Understanding technology, which seamlessly blends artificial intelligence and human understanding, and allows us to deliver human-like experiences across all customer care channels. Therefore, customers will never have to alter the way they talk or type to interact with Interactions IVAs.

We use machine learning capabilities to improve responses in our technology loop for continuous improvement, allowing for more productive and consistent conversations. The result? Our IVAs become smarter in the process with the ability to handle more complex transactions.

What’s different about the Interactions IVA?

Interactions has more than 15 years of delivering Conversational AI solutions to support customer care. But beyond our long track record of success, our IVAs are powered by Conversational AI and Adaptive Understanding.

We differentiate our solution through our Adaptive Understanding technology which seamlessly combines artificial intelligence (AI) and human understanding, allowing automation wherever possible, and human assistance wherever necessary. This occurs in real-time and in the background, so customers never experience a delay in the conversation. This guarantees that your customers experience effortless and productive interactions every time and can result in improved CSAT.

Our Conversational AI Engine includes: Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Text to Speech (TTS), Dialogue Management, Voice Biometrics, and Machine Learning. We’ve improved these technologies over decades and innovated to meet the specific challenges associated with customer care.
Our omnichannel approach provides a consistent customer experience across all customer care channels. With Interactions IVA solution, customers never have to repeat information as they switch between channels and can easily continue a conversation if they have to pause or come back to it.

Interactions IVA is a fully managed solution and is hosted on a cloud-based platform across multiple data centers to ensure 24/7 uptime. And, our success based pricing model means that customers only pay for successful transactions. Put simply, we only charge when customers get value from the IVA.

How do companies use IVAs?

Companies use IVAs to speak the language of their brand and to communicate effortlessly with their customers. An IVA is often the only bi-directional communication that customers receive from a brand, and using an IVA ensures a consistent experience every time. Companies use IVAs to help determine simple things like intent, but they can also be leveraged to understand any brand specific jargon or keywords that your customers might use in their natural speech. All of this provides companies with the ability to automate without sacrificing personalization.

Interactions IVAs are a fully managed solution. They can seamlessly integrate with any technology stack—even homegrown systems—making implementation easy. IVAs can help companies offer enhanced customer personalization through integration with CRM, POS, loyalty programs, and more. All of our applications are designed in a customer-centric approach, with multiple modes of communication, and around-the clock care.

What are some examples of effective IVAs?

IVAs are perfect for customer-obsessed companies—those who want to make sure their customers feel satisfied with their interactions, everytime. IVAs are effective across any vertical, including Financial Services, Insurance, Healthcare, Retail, Travel and Hospitality, Food Services, and Utilities. The common denominator is a focus on innovation, automation, and first-class customer service.

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Anytime. Anywhere.

Phone and Mobile Voice

Our IVA makes it easy to make the right call. Your customers will get more done faster, regardless of accents, alphanumeric information or complex email addresses, while speaking naturally and conversationally. In a crowded coffee shop? Kids screaming in the background? Even in the noisiest situations, we hear what you’re saying.


Whether you’re on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, we’ve got you covered. Our state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) makes each chat feel like it’s with a live agent—without the associated costs. And when a live agent is needed, our omnichannel platform facilitates a context-sensitive hand off.

Mobile apps

Interactions IVA integrates all available smartphone features for a rich self-service experience. All through a conversational mobile experience that increases engagement and lowers costs.

Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are becoming a household staple. Leverage them to offer yet another convenient channel of customer engagement. Interactions can build an Alexa skill or a Google Home action that allows customers to communicate with you without losing the brand experience they know and love.

Social platforms

With Interactions Digital Roots, you can easily monitor, measure, and engage with social media conversations about your brand from a single platform. By leveraging artificial intelligence, our platform delivers highly relevant customer conversations and insights from any source on the web.


From sending notifications to texting directions to your closest location or even completing a complicated banking transaction, now you can take full advantage of texting. And because Interactions applications are responsive and can accurately reply to open-ended messages, conversations are natural and engaging.
Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant: Anytime. Anywhere. Interactions Live Chat Technology Phone and mobile voice IVA customer care Smart speaker channel of customer engagement Measure and engage with social media customer conversations Natural and engaging conversations via messaging/SMS
Deliver effortless customer care

Natural and Conversational

You only get one chance to get it right. That’s why we use a blend of artificial intelligence and human understanding at real time to allow businesses and consumers to engage in productive conversations. With superior accuracy, your customers can communicate naturally, get what they need and be on their way.

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Effortless care

Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant enables effortless conversations on any channel through talk, text or touch. So you can offer more choice, deliver consistency across channels — and even combine channels to provide excellent customer care.

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Truly omnichannel

To be truly omnichannel you need more than channel choice. Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant accelerates your Digital Transformation by allowing your customers to maintain context and persistence across channels. So switching from phone to web to SMS is a snap, and conversations can pick up wherever they left off.

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Interactions Adaptive UnderstandingTM technology maintains persistence to deliver a highly personalized user experience. Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants have awareness of any recent interactions that a customer has had with a business, as well as access to relevant customer data. That means that you can greet them by name, and suggest the reason why they may be getting in touch.

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Enhanced self-service

Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant allows you to automate transactions at every stage of the customer journey, on every channel of customer communication and accelerate Digital Transformation. From initial engagements and FAQs to lengthy and complex tasks such as enrollments and onboarding, an IVA can handle it all. With more self-service your customer service representatives can focus on tasks that need special expertise.

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Cost Savings icon

Cost Savings

With effortless self-service, your customers can do more in less time. Then, your live agents are free to focus on the interactions that matter most…the ones that increase revenue, and require complex problem-solving.



With Fortune 500 company clients in financial services, insurance, telecom, healthcare, retail and more, we take privacy seriously. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant collects and processes mass volumes of both personal and payment data — making stringent security controls a critical priority.

Improved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

With 10-20% average increase in CSAT, Interactions makes millions of happy customers. Our patented Adaptive UnderstandingTM blends artificial intelligence and human understanding, giving your customers the accuracy and responsiveness they need. Over 40% of our customers are recognized as leaders in customer experience by J.D. Power and Forbes.

Enterprise Scale

Enterprise Scale

Interactions handles the most critical business applications for some of the world’s most well-known brands. With over a billion customer transactions annually and growing, we have the knowhow to make sure your applications are always up and running and working the way they’re supposed to.

Reduce Operational Risk

Reduce Risk and IT Overhead

Our Intelligent Virtual Assistant is a fully hosted service, which mitigates the risk and cost associated with ongoing system maintenance. We also deliver a faster time to value, with customer applications that can be designed and deployed within a short period — speeding time to market and ROI.

Convenient Authentication with Voice Biometrics

Convenient Authentication

By adding Voice Biometrics to Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant, you can securely and easily verify a customer’s identity using the unique characteristics of the human voice. So you can offer customers convenience and personalization in everyday transactions, while still reducing costs.

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