Separate meaningful social conversations from the noise.

With Interactions Digital Roots, you can easily monitor, measure, and engage with social media conversations about your brand from a single platform. By leveraging artificial intelligence, our system is able to deliver highly relevant customer conversations and insights from any source on the web.

Unlike most traditional social listening and engagement tools that rely on user-generated rules and popular keywords to identify engagement opportunities, Digital Roots leverages artificial intelligence to comb through social conversations and find the most relevant posts. Our tool removes the need for manual searching, so that you can spend more time engaging with the right customers. And since we incorporate natural language processing and machine learning, our tool learns from what users are doing and gets smarter over time.

  • Finds, prioritizes and classifies social media posts
  • Understands customer intent
  • Automatically routes prioritized conversations
  • Composes responses to customer posts
  • Delivers actionable customer insights
  • Enables brand performance monitoring
  • Monitors competitor performance


Using smart moderation, Interactions Digital Roots technology can easily find, prioritize and classify social media posts in real-time. Our solution can understand customer intent and route prioritized conversations automatically, so you can listen and engage across any social media platform — without the limitations of keyword-based solutions.

We utilize natural language processing to generate and compose responses to customer posts. Our auto suggest technology learns from agent responses, understands brand voice, and self-adapts to improve responses over time. This enables your brand to engage with customers faster, and with more accuracy and consistency.


Interactions Digital Roots technology delivers actionable insights on your customers in real-time, allowing you to stay on top of your brand and team KPIs with our built-in reporting module. With easy to set up interactive dashboards, you can easily monitor the performance for your brand and your competitors.

We’ve got you covered

Find More Relevant Opportunities

Our solution truly understands customer intent — so you spend less time sifting through conversations and more time focusing on the most relevant opportunities for your brand.

Increase Customer Engagement

Because Interactions Digital Roots quickly finds and prioritizes relevant social content, you can engage with more customers on a regular basis — with improved accuracy and consistency.

Respond Faster

With auto-generated responses, you can reduce the amount of time spent writing and improve response accuracy.

Case Study

Automaker Engages with 2X More Customers Using Auto-Suggest AI

Brands consistently analyze and tap into large quantities of data provided by social media platforms using keyword-based systems. One major automotive company recognized this approach was not scalable for monitoring across multiple Facebook pages, Twitter handles and forums. By implementing the Interactions Digital Roots social media engagement platform, agents utilizing the system saw a 46% increase in the speed of response under twenty minutes and a 54% increase in unique customers engaged. The Interactions platform performed ten times better than the previous manual query-based system.

Case Study

Major Automotive Company Supports Agents with AI that Performs 10X Better

While a top automotive company had a large staff monitoring social media messages, they recognized a need to optimize the process in order to more efficiently identify potential customers and respond to them. To do this, the automaker utilized the Interactions Digital Roots social media engagement platform to classify social media posts, label engagement opportunities, and offer auto-suggestions based on customer intent. This led to twice the number of customers engaged per hour for agents using the auto-suggest feature and 35% faster responses.


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