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Natural and conversational

Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants deliver unprecedented accuracy, allowing your customers to speak or type in their own words — like they’re talking to a human. So that they can do more, in less time.

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Enterprise scale

Interactions handles the most critical business applications for some of the world’s most well-known brands. With over a billion customer transactions annually and growing, we have the knowhow to make sure your applications are always up and running and working the way they’re supposed to.

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More self-service effectively

With advanced AI and human understanding, Interactions solutions take on complex interactions that could previously only be handled by an agent, such as capturing complicated information.

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Truly omnichannel

With a platform that can support any channel, your business can scale and grow for your customer care challenges of today and tomorrow. With Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants, you can maintain context from one channel to the next and provide a consistent and personalized customer experience.

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Working With Us
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Why work with Interactions?

Interactions handles more than two billion transactions annually for many well-known companies—including those on the Fortune 500—and our customers are often recognized as leaders in customer experience in their industries and by 3rd party validators.

Our solution is fully managed and integrates seamlessly into a company’s entire technology stack including CRMs, POS, loyalty programs, and more. This makes implementation and upkeep of the application easy and removes additional staffing considerations and costs associated with implementing a new technology from the equation.

Our omnichannel approach provides a consistent customer experience across all customer care channels. With Interactions IVA solution, customers never have to repeat information as they switch between channels and can easily continue a conversation if they have to pause or come back to it.

Interactions solutions are best-in-class, with improved performance over time through a continuous learning loop that includes deep learning and machine learning technologies. As conversation volume increases, Interactions IVAs will get smarter as more information is fed back into the solution resulting in even higher accuracy rates.

We pride ourselves on being a partner, and not just a vendor. We engage with you from the start throughout design, development, implementation, and deployment—and we don’t stop there. We continue to work with you to tune your application throughout its lifetime to meet your changing needs and business goals.

Our partnership approach is supported by our success based pricing model—meaning our customers only pay for successfully completed transactions.

Security and privacy is also a top priority for us. We are proud to meet the following security measures: SOC 2, Type 2 Audit, PCI-DSS, Level 1 Service Provider, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. We have a hyper focus on reliability and deploy across multiple data centers to ensure up-time and security.

Why Interactions?

Interactions is a leader in Conversational AI with a mission to create customer experiences by advancing AI technology that understands and engages on a human level. For more than 15 years, we have been helping companies transform their customer experiences from frustrating communications to engaging conversations with our best-in-class Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVAs).

Interactions IVAs leverage our Adaptive Understanding technology, which seamlessly blends artificial intelligence and human understanding, to make sure that customers aren’t just heard, but that they’re understood.

Whenever a portion of a conversation requires a human touch to recognize or interpret information, it’s done in real-time and in the background, so a customer doesn’t experience any annoyances or delays. The result is a superior experience for the customer with business benefits that include significant operational savings and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How do companies use Interactions artificial intelligence solutions?

For customer-obsessed brands, Interactions IVA is the first point of contact for questions, concerns, orders, or inquiries. We take pride in handling these transactions with ease, eliminating repetition and frustration, and leaving customers feeling supported and satisfied.

Companies that use Interactions artificial intelligence solutions are leaders and innovators in providing a stellar customer experience, because they understand there is no other alternative. Customers want to feel understood, and traditional support models simply can’t support this. Our IVA is able to provide the type of care customers crave, through our superior technology, accuracy, and human understanding.

We take security seriously at Interactions. That’s why we meet or exceed standards for:


SOC 2, Type 2 Audit

PCI DSS Certified Service Level 1

PCI-DSS, Level 1 Service Provider


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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What sets us apart

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Shared Success

Interactions partners with its clients for shared success. That’s why we developed Success-Based Pricing, so our clients only pay for successfully completed transactions.

Decrease Operational Expense

Lower Risk

Interactions provides a fully hosted offering, which mitigates the risks and costs associated with ongoing system maintenance. We also deliver a faster time to value, with customer applications that can be designed and deployed with efficiency — speeding time to market and ROI.

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Better Understanding

Interactions patented Adaptive Understanding technology seamlessly combines artificial intelligence and human understanding to deliver unprecedented understanding.

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Real Business Results

Interactions solutions are proven to decrease operational expenses and provide opportunities for increased revenue. And because our IVA technology frees up agents to do higher value work, agent performance improves as well.

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Superior Technology

Interactions Curo Speech and Language Platform is a unified technology suite providing Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Dialog Management, and Voice Biometrics. In addition, a host of Machine Learning tools provide automated learning to improve the performance of all Curo technologies.

Increase Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

Our team of UI designers works with each client to develop an efficient customer experience that’s uniquely their brand. Over 40% of Interactions customers are recognized as leaders in customer experience by J.D. Power and Forbes, and continue to see improvement with Interactions solutions.

We’re the front door to millions of great customer interactions

Interactions clients are leaders in customer experience.

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