97% intent accuracy across billions of interactions annually.

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Interactions vs Competition by the Numbers

Interactions unparalleled accuracy and innovative AI-human synergy empowers you to forge stronger relationships and accomplish more with every conversation. But don’t just take our word for it. An independent firm did their own analysis and found that Interactions IVA, in comparison to a competitor’s market leading application, delivered higher levels of automation across more complex calls. The end result? A better customer experience, improved agent productivity and significant cost savings for the contact center.

Clients Who Made the Switch

Discover how innovation, precision, and a shared commitment to exceptional experiences led clients to Interactions.

"I manage thousands of vendors and Interactions stands out. The collaboration we have is consultative. There have been many tangible benefits but, for us, it’s been the big save to the bottom line. That’s the magic of the relationship."
~ Transformation Leader,
Fortune 400 bank

Clients who MADE THE SWITCH to Interactions

  • Multipe leading US utlity providers

    7 million processed payments annually

  • Fortune 100 bank

    Automation of payments, balance inquiry and card activation has increased CSAT score to 4.7/5

  • Global tax services provider

    Handled spikes in call volume without need for additional agents during peak times of the year, including 5M calls during the 2022 tax season

  • Fortune 100 retail company

    Over $25 million in annual savings/cost avoidance via gift card balance management, order tracking and answering FAQs

  • Fortune 100 telco company

    $90M in Self Service, AHT & Retention savings per year via intent capture, routing and FAQs

Interactions IVA Outshines Competitors

Hear how our IVA compares again competitors in efficiency, accuracy, and user satisfaction. Our IVA uses patented human assisted understanding to acknowledge callers’ specific reasons for calling and grasps intent in seconds, unlike rivals who require re-prompts, leaving customers frustrated.

The Interactions Advantage

At Interactions, we’ve redefined customer engagement by harnessing the power of advanced technology while keeping humans in the loop. Our Intelligent Virtual Assistants bring a new level of understanding, empowering your customers to communicate in their own words as if they were speaking with another person.

Revolutionize customer service with a unique AI-HI interplay

Interactions' unique approach, Human Assisted Understanding (HAU), combines AI and human expertise to deliver seamless support for virtually any language. Our patented HAU approach integrates real-time human input, addressing low confidence levels in understanding customer intent due to accents, background noise, or other factors. This results in a truly human experience for customers, without them even realizing there's a handoff between AI and humans.

Accelerate time-to-value with AI purpose built for CX and contact centers

Curo, Interactions' conversational AI layer, powers our Optichannel IVA. Built from the ground up, Curo combines NLP, ASR, TTS, and HAU for accurate conversations. It's designed specifically for CX and contact centers, using advanced ML algorithms to address your unique use cases. Dialog Management enables conversational dialogues across diverse channels, enhancing customer experiences and driving business efficiencies.

Elevate user experiences across touchpoints with optichannel IVA

Recognizing the user's preferred channel, Interactions IVA leverages each platform's unique features to provide exceptional support, streamlining interactions and enhancing productivity. Seamlessly guiding users through transitions between channels, it ensures a cohesive and efficient experience. Personalization is also key, as the IVA adapts to the user's preferences, tailoring responses and recommendations to meet their individual needs.

Extend self-serve automation to use cases previously unimaginable

Interactions IVA’s Task Orchestration capability streamlines contact center operations by harnessing conversational AI and human intellect. It enhances productivity, efficiency, and customer self-service while maximizing labor capacity. For complex tasks, it substitutes live agent escalation with intelligent, swiftly completable digital chat agent tasks. IVA drives customer conversations and only involves agents when necessary, reducing wait times and improving overall performance.

Protect your IT investments with a platform-agnostic IVA

Interactions IVA seamlessly integrates with any third-party or back-end system, empowering you to maximize the value of your existing tech stack. Say goodbye to siloed systems and hello to a streamlined, consistent user experience, even during technology modernization initiatives like migrating to a Cloud-based CCaaS platform. With our solution, you can revolutionize your customer service without disrupting your operations.

Unlock growth potential with IVA Analytics

Our platform provides real-time and time-based rollups of conversational analytics, allowing you to gain valuable insights into customer interactions. Easily integrate data into your existing systems using our API and export tools. Access granular reporting and dynamic data visualization 24/7 through our dedicated analytics portal. Stay informed with real-time alerts and event-based notifications. Rest assured that your data is secure and private with role-based access control. Transform your conversational data into actionable insights and watch your business thrive.

Why work with Interactions?

  • Handles billions of transactions

    Interactions handles more than two billion transactions annually for many well-known companies—including numerous members of the Fortune 500—and our customers are often recognized as leaders in customer experience in their industries and by 3rd party validators.

  • Easy implementation and upkeep

    Our solution is fully managed and integrates seamlessly into a company’s entire technology stack including CRMs, POS, loyalty programs, and more. This makes implementation and upkeep of the application easy, removing additional staffing considerations and costs associated with implementing a new technology from the equation.

  • Consistent customer experience channels

    Our optichannel approach provides a consistent customer experience across all customer care channels. With Interactions IVA, customers never have to repeat information as they switch between channels and can easily continue a conversation if they have to pause or come back to it.

  • Continuous learning

    Interactions solutions are best-in-class, with improved performance over time through a continuous learning loop that includes deep learning and machine learning technologies. As conversation volume increases, Interactions IVAs will get smarter as more information is fed back into the solution resulting in even higher accuracy rates.

  • Partner, not a vendor

    We pride ourselves on being a partner, and not just a vendor. We engage with you from the start throughout design, development, implementation, and deployment—and we don’t stop there. We continue to work with you to tune your application throughout its lifetime to meet your changing needs and business goals.

  • Success based pricing

    Our partnership approach is supported by our success based pricing model—meaning our customers only pay for successfully completed transactions.

We take security seriously at Interactions. That’s why we meet or exceed standards for:


SOC 2, Type 2 Audit

PCI DSS Certified Service Level 1

PCI-DSS, Level 1 Service Provider


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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