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Customers expect a seamless, consistent experience whether in store, online, or on the phone. This means handling everything from pre-sales questions, to closing sales, to dealing with delivery and return questions — all with a level of service continuity that enhances your customers’ overall experience. With multichannel Virtual Assistant solutions that offer superior accuracy, Interactions can help you provide a better care experience that keeps your customers coming back.

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  • Customers are looking for ways to increase self-service: 73% of consumers wish companies offered more ways for them to solve customer service issues on their own.1
  • Increasingly, customers also expect service to be available on the device of their choice. 77% of consumers wish retail companies offered more ways to interact with representatives.2
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With multichannel solutions that allow customers to get the help they need when they need it, our customers increase self-service engagement by 40% and customer satisfaction by 10-20% on average.

With Interactions solutions, our customers can use natural language to engage in conversations. In most cases, they don't even realize they're speaking with an automated system.

- Anastasia Roberts, VP, Customer Engagement


Your customers are just as busy as your agents are. That’s why we expand what’s possible with multichannel self-service to enable your customers to get things done quickly and efficiently on their channel of choice, so your agents are free to handle more complex issues.


Store Locator

The less time customers spend online, the sooner they’re in line with purchases in hand.

Get shoppers to your nearest location right away with our conversational Virtual Assistant solutions by:

  • Giving directions and sending links to interactive maps via text, chat and email
  • Providing store hours, services, address and phone number
  • Checking and providing product availability information
  • Locating adjacent locations

Shopping & Promotions

Whether your customers are in store, online or on their mobile device, Interactions self-service solutions can help guide them, answer questions and complete transactions. Sales go up while transaction times go down.

Our self-service solutions can:

  • Answer product or service questions
  • Provide details on promotions and special offers
  • Intake and process orders and payments

Rewards Programs

Top customers deserve the best self-service. With our patented technology, customers don’t need to repeat themselves and you don’t need to stick to a script.

Allow your customers to easily:

  • Obtain and apply balance information
  • Enroll in programs
  • Replace lost cards and reset account passwords
  • Review redemption options

Proactive Communications

The right message at the right time builds customer loyalty. And with our Virtual Assistant solutions, these “push” messages are interactive so they also “pull” customers in – enabling them to take the next step.

Send the right message at the right time by:

  • Segmenting, personalizing and delivering promotional offers
  • Conducting surveys in real-time
  • Sending important reminders and order notifications
  • Informing customers of upcoming events

Order Management & Returns

With unprecedented comprehension, Interactions Virtual Assistant solutions get even the most complicated order number right – the first time.

Utilize our solutions to:

  • Provide status updates
  • Change or update orders
  • Process returns and exchanges
  • Update shipping information

Account & Profile

Interactions securely collects account information with over 95% accuracy. Your customers don’t have to repeat themselves or fall out to a live agent just to update a few details.

Make it easy for your customers to:

  • Create and update accounts in real-time
  • Complete new member enrollment
  • Provide alphanumeric and other information without a live agent
  • Receive personalized interactions with customer information and service details
  • Get help with login and password resets

Technical Support

Technical issues are a big cause of frustration for consumers. With effective and conversational self-service applications from Interactions, your shoppers get the help they need without a frustrating experience leaving your live agents to focus on increasing conversions.

Remove the frustration from technical issues by:

  • Providing step-by-step instructions for resolving common issues
  • Sending links to additional information
  • Answering frequently asked questions

Billing & Collections

Collecting timely payments can be a challenge – for both you and your customers.

Interactions billing and collections solutions make it easier for you to:

  • Enable customers to set up automatic payments and paperless billing
  • Provide balance information and due dates
  • Intake and process payment information
  • Remind customers about near due and delinquent payments
  • Arrange and process payment terms based on established business rules
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Effortless and Frustration Free

With Interactions, you can engage your customers in natural conversations, so they get more things done without the frustration of other automated systems.

  • Patented Adaptive Understanding™ technology delivers 95%+ accuracy
  • Resilient solutions easily handle accents, background noise and out-of-grammar phrases
  • Responsive technology conforms to callers’ intentions without forcing them down a prescribed path


Your customers want to communicate with you in their own words, through their channel of choice. Interactions helps you deliver a consistent, hassle-free level of service across the channels your customers use most.