Automatic Speech Recognition

Interactions ASR provides market leadership in speech to text conversion. Our technology uses uniquely generated acoustic models that predict how words sound in a given environment, such as when talking on a mobile phone. These acoustic models are combined with language models and pronunciations for exceptional accuracy. Interactions ASR solutions are adaptable to specific domains, environments, and languages.


Interactions ASR is ideal for applications including:

  • Interactions Virtual Assistant solutions for customer care
  • Transcription services
  • Connected cars
  • Healthcare productivity
  • Smart homes
  • Visual voicemail
  • Hands-free computing
  • Gaming
  • Robotics

Interactions ASR delivers a natural communication experience with a high degree of accuracy for your customers.


Text to Speech

Interactions state-of-the-art Text to Speech (TTS) starts with a database of high-quality recorded speech produced under optimal conditions. The individual sounds in speech (phonemes) are labeled to select the best set of sounds for natural sounding spoken words. Voices can be male or female. Both North American English and Latin American Spanish are supported.

  • Natural Speech: Closely matches human conversation style
  • Premium Voices: Pleasant human voice
  • Easy Listening: Sounds selected for optimized experience

Interactions TTS is ideal FOR applications including:

  • Read-aloud applications of texts, emails, or news updates
  • Customer care
  • Virtual Assistants
  • Audio books

Interactions TTS provides reliable and natural spoken voice output for diverse applications. Give voice to your content with Interactions Text to Speech.


Voice Biometrics

Interactions Voice Biometrics (VB) uses the human voice to provide speaker recognition and authentication. Using the unique characteristics of each voice, Interactions VB is used to verify a speaker's claimed identity (Verification) or identify a speaker from a known group of people (Identification).

Fast & Convenient Security
Active & Passive (Background) Authentication

Interactions VB is ideal for applications including:

  • Mobile Banking
  • Call Centers
  • E-commerce
  • Payment systems
  • Personalizing TV preferences

Security and convenience are the hallmarks of Interactions Voice Biometrics. Provide your password-weary customers with a fast and simple way to verify their identity using Interactions VB.


Natural Language Processing

Interactions Natural Language Processing (NLP) turns data into information. By identifying the people, locations, topics, and intentions found in any segment speech or text, NLP provides the basis for actionable intelligence applications and business processes.

Extract Meaning
Provide Context
Target Intent

Interactions NLP is ideal for applications including:

  • Business analytics
  • Search engines
  • Automated chat service
  • Classification

Transform your unstructured text to useful information with Interactions Natural Language Processing.

The Interactions Speech and Language Platform is flexible, modular and scalable, powering a new generation of intelligent and personalized applications. Our platform makes it simple to combine services to optimize your applications. The common code and development tools allow the easy integration of several different modules to provide sophisticated and differentiated applications.

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