Mike Iacobucci

Mike Iacobucci

“Interactions is at the forefront of a new wave of innovation that is revolutionizing the way people communicate.” – M.I.

A veteran industry leader and innovator, Mike has never been content with the status quo. Driven by a keen sense of market trends and evolving consumer needs, he has led the charge in technology disruption for more than 30 years.

Named Technology Entrepreneur of the Year® by Ernst & Young, Mike is recognized as the “driving force” behind Interactions’ explosive growth and success. Since joining in 2008, he has catapulted Interactions from a small startup to an award-winning market leader uniquely positioned at the intersection of speech recognition, customer care and multi-modal interface technology. Under his leadership, company revenues and total workforce have grown by 150 percent and 50 percent, respectively.

As President and CEO, Mike’s own guiding principles mirror that of the company: 1) never rest on good enough 2) develop an open and collaborative environment for teammates, clients and partners 3) prioritize a great customer experience for clients and end-users, and perhaps most important, 4) conduct business with integrity.

To that end, and in keeping with his penchant for marketplace disruption, Interactions was named the “Most Innovative Tech Company of 2014” by the American Business Awards.

Prior to taking the helm at Interactions, Mike served as Chief Executive Officer of Idiom Technologies, a developer of enterprise level translation automation technology, servicing Fortune 1,000 corporations, later acquired by SDL Enterprise LTD. He also served as an executive in residence at Sigma Partners, having worked at Books24x7, Focus Enhancements, Phoenix Technologies and Cullinet Software.